IRB B Overview

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) B serves as the Social Behavioral IRB for the Augusta University, AU Health, Children's Hospital of Georgia, Georgia War Veterans' Nursing Home, and the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center (Uptown and Downtown).

Submission & Review Schedules

The IRB B meets once a month.

Each convened meeting agenda includes:

  • A New Study applications,
  • Amendment applications, and
  • Continuing Review applications.

Agendas are assigned based on date of expiration (for Continuing Review applications), expertise available on the IRB, number of attending board members, or based on the order in which completed applications are correctly submitted to the IRB. Please note that we are unable to guarantee that your submission will be reviewed at a particular meeting.

How does the IRB Staff determine if a study is ready for FULL board review?

After the IRB Staff completes an administrative analysis of the application, they will verify that all of the following items have been completed before they assign the study for review:

    1. All pre-board revisions are completed; and
    2. All applicable documents are attached; and
    3. The application is fully complete and correct.

The study will not be assigned to a meeting until these items are complete. Submitting a study does not mean that it will be assigned to a meeting. Please note, it may take up to 5-10 business days for the administrative analysis and assignment to an agenda, based upon the completeness of the submission and number of new protocols submitted.


2017 - 2018 IRB B Meeting Dates

*Meetings will be held from 2-4 pm

IRB Meeting Date Submission Deadline
11/17/17 10/25/17
12/5/17 11/22/17
1/2/18 12/19/17
2/6/18 1/23/18
3/6/18 2/20/18
4/10/18 3/27/18
5/1/18 4/17/18
6/5/18 5/22/18
7/3/18 6/19/18
8/7/18 7/24/18
9/4/18 8/21/18
10/2/18 9/18/18
11/6/18 10/23/18
12/4/18 11/20/18