Chesapeake Research Review, Inc. (CRRI)

Please note, the following are needed in order for OHRP to issue a release letter:

+ ITSS approval
+ MCGHI approval
+ IBC approval
+ Radiation Safety Approval, if applicable
+ OHRP ancillary review form

Why add a second IRB?

We want to support and facilitate industry-sponsored clinical trials with tight deadlines by offering our investigators an opportunity to submit to either the commercial IRB known as CRRI or to the GHSU IRB.


They were the first commercial IRB accredited by both the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protections Programs (AAHRPP). They have a strong ethical background and a commitment to customer service.

What about using other commercial or central IRBs?

Only IRB or CRRI may be used. Please note that a protocol may not be switched between the two IRBs. If one disapproves a study, we notify each other of that disapproval per federal regulations.

Does Chesapeake Research Review, Inc, have a web site?

Chesapeake Research Review, Inc.

Does CRRI allow electronic submissions?

Cheseapeake has implemented a new online system, Center for IRB Intelligence (CIRBI�) . All submission information must be submitted electronically. OHRP no longer requires copies of the IND Safety Reports.

Who do we contact at GHSU if we have CRRI related questions?

For additional questions, please contact the Angela Toole at 721-9346 or via email at

Does GHSU charge for protocols reviewed by CRRI?

Yes, The Office of Human Research Protection invoices the sponsor for a one-time compliance fee of $750.00. This amount is not associated with the CRRI fees and should be sent to GHSU. Please visit our policy regarding the compliance fees.