Institutional Review Boards Charter 


IRBs Available to Investigators:

  • IRB A (Biomedical) reviews all biomedical, non-cancer-related protocols.
  • IRB B (Social/Behavioral) reviews all social/behavioral and education protocols that do not have a biomedical component.
  • IRB C (Cancer) reviews all cancer, pre-cancer, and post-cancer protocols.
  • Commercially Sponsored protocols may use an approved external IRB. Currently this is limited to Chesapeake Research Review, Inc. (CRRI) and Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB).
  • Cooperative Oncology Program protocols may use the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Central IRB (CIRB).

In special situations, NIH IRBs and the University of Georgia IRB can also serve as the IRB of record; these are discussed on a case-by-case basis with the IRB Director.

All new protocol submissions require department approval. Additionally, protocols to be reviewed by the IRB C must provide documentation of the Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) approval in the IRB application.

Internal IRBs (Augusta University FWA# 00019721)

IRB A- Biomedical (IRB Registration #00000150)

IRB B-Social/Behavioral (IRB Registration #00009620)

IRB C-Cancer (IRB Registration #00009025)

 External IRB Options