IRB Office Staff

photo of Ivy Tillman, MS, CCRC, CIP
Ivy Tillman, MS, CCRC, CIP

IRB Director
photo of Kyle Goldman, BS
Kyle Goldman, BS

IRB Office Associate


photo of Angela Toole, MS, CIM, CIP
Angela Toole, MS, CIM, CIP

*IRB Operations Manager* *IRB C: Oncology*
photo of Tiffany Coleman, MS, MPH, CIM, CIC, CCSH, RPSGT,   
Tiffany Coleman, MS, MPH, CIM, CIC, CCSH, RPSGT,

IRB Administrator External IRBs, IRB Authorizations, VA Liaison
photo of Gabriela Ortiz, BA  
Gabriela Ortiz, BA

IRB Administrator
photo of Erin Smith, MPA, CIM
Erin Smith, MPA, CIM

*IRB Administrator* *IRB A: Biomedical *
photo of Melissa Toomer
Melissa Toomer

IRB Office Specialist Administrative Support
photo of Casey Glover, BS, CIC, CIP 
Casey Glover, BS, CIC, CIP

IRB Training Coordinator
photo of Heather Wilson,  BS, CIM, CIP 
Heather Wilson, BS, CIM, CIP

Regulatory Compliance Manager
photo of Rebecca Fasano, BS, CIM, CIP 
Rebecca Fasano, BS, CIM, CIP

Senior Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
photo of Marcela Hodges, BBA
Marcela Hodges, BBA

Regulatory Compliance Coordinator