Facility Safety Plan (USAMRMC)

Augusta University has an approved Facility Safety Plan on file with the US Army Medical Research and Material Command. The Facility Safety Plan is applicable to all proposals submitted during this time period. Please note that the USAMRMC also requires a Proposal Safety Plan that is related to each specific proposal, to be developed and submitted by the Principal Investigator.

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) and the DOD's United States Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC) specify that facilities receiving DOD funding meet numerous requirements for safe operations and protection of the natural environment.  Augusta University, Division of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) plays a significant role in meeting these specified requirements.

EH&S must assure the DOD that Augusta University's physical facilities and laboratories, including but not limited to laboratories funded by the DOD, comply with applicable safety and environmental laws. EH&S must also assure the DOD that Augusta University's policies and procedures are implemented and managed such that employees, the off-campus community, and the environment are reasonably protected from harm.

Please contact Environmental Health & Safety if you require additional information.