Extramural Grant Reviews

All extramural research grant proposals should be reviewed internally by one or more of your colleagues. To increase the probability of receiving an award, we also encourage faculty to have one or two, non-Augusta University, nationally or internationally recognized senior scientists in the appropriate field who are not affiliated within the proposed submission review their proposals. These individuals will have a strong track record of serving as principal investigators on NIH grants. Of course, this will require that the draft of the proposal be prepared sufficiently prior to the submission deadline to allow time for adequate revision based upon the review.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for will pay a $250 consulting fee for up to two external reviews of a major (e.g., NIH) grant proposal being submitted by any Augusta University faculty member.

Prior to the Review:

The Request for External Grant Review form, Non-Disclosure Form, a copy of the consultant's four-page NIH biosketch including other support or his/her curriculum vitae, a copy of the most recent version of the grant proposal (i.e., specific aims, background and significance, research design and methods), should be submitted to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research for approval.  Generally, review of only one grant per PI will be supported in a twelve month period of time.

After the Review:

The Service Agreement Request , Contractor Determination Checklist, and W-9 should be completed and signed (except where the account number and Approver signatures are required). Submit these forms along with a copy of the consultant's critique to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, Attention: Sandra Brown, Business Manager, CJ 3329, (706) 721-7075. The critique could be a standard NIH review and/or the actual handwritten or typed editing, rewrites, suggestions, etc. Following receipt of this information, review payment will be issued.