Augusta University Research Institute (AURI)

Mission Statement

The Augusta UniversityResearch Institute Inc. was established in 1981 as a separately incorporated 501(c) 3 to serve Augusta University by enhancing its mission of excellence in research, teaching and service.

Serving as the applicant and awardee institution for most sponsored proposals developed by Augusta University's faculty, AURI is supported by the pre-award and post-award staff of the Division of Sponsored Program Administration. As each project is funded, AURI enters into a subcontract with Augusta University for the performance of the work. Sponsor payments are received by AURI and paid to Augusta University. AURI retains a portion of the Facilities and Administrative costs paid by sponsors to support its operations and to fund the reinvestment programs identified below:

  • AURI Research Incentive Program
    This is the largest component of the AURI budget. Initiated in 1982, the program was established as an incentive to stimulate Augusta University's faculty to seek extramural support.
  • AURI Grants Program
    AURI provides partial support to the Augusta University Intramural Grants Program (IGP), which operates under the authority of the Senior Vice President for Research. A standing proposal review committee modeled on NIH study sections provides feedback to applicants, with ad hoc and external reviewers recruited to secure needed expertise as appropriate. The IGP targets meritorious research that has a strong likelihood of securing extramural support.
  • Health Research Associates
    Since 1998 AURI has engaged the consulting services of Health Research Associates to assist faculty in developing fundable research proposals. Consultants provide one or more on-site workshops each year, and faculty are additionally encouraged to work one-on-one with HRA consultants who have considerable experience in obtaining research funding and who can provide insight into granting processes.
  • AURI additionally provides funding to the Augusta University to support activities in the College of Graduate Studies and contributes to Augusta University's tuition reimbursement program.