Yong Park


Yong Park


Academic Appointment(s)

Medical College of Georgia
Department of Neurology: Child Neurology

Medical College of Georgia
Department of Pediatrics

  • (706) 721-3371
  • BG 2000


  • MD, Medicine (MD) Yonsei University, 1976

  • BS, Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studi Yonsei University, 1972


  • ABPNCN ABPN, 2008

  • PHY GA State Bd Medical Examiners, 1991

  • DEA Schedule 1 Researcher registration

Awards & Honors

  • Fenwick T. Nichols Department of Neurology Resident Teaching Award 2014

  • Doctor of the Week at Children’s Hospital of Georgia 2014

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • NEUR 5000

    Basic Clkshp in Neurology
  • RNEU 5001

    Child Neurology
  • NEUR 5009

    Child Neurology Sub-I
  • RNEU 5002

    EEG Neurology
  • RNEU 5000

  • NEUR 5006

    Neurology Research
  • NURO 8082

    Neuroscience II


Selected Recent Publications

  • Laterality Effects of Temporal Lobectomy on Quality of Life and Depression, 2015
  • Lateralizing Effects on quality of life self-ratings and neuropsychological test performance in temporal lobectomy patients, 2015
  • Executive Function Performance for Children With Epilepsy Localized to the Frontal or Temporal Lobes, 2014
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • There are laterality effects in memory functioning in children/adolescents with focal epilepsy, 2014
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Two-year seizure reduction in adults with medically intractable partial onset epilepsy treated with responsive neurostimulation: Final results of the RNS System Pivotal trial, 2014
    Journal Article, Academic Journal