Pachiappan Arjunan

Assistant Professor

Pachiappan Arjunan

Assistant Professor

Academic Appointment(s)

Dental College of Georgia
Department of Periodontics

Dental College of Georgia
Department of Oral Biology

The Graduate School
Department of Graduate Studies


Dr. Pachiappan Arjunan earned his PhD from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and completed a postdoctoral training from National Eye Institute/NIH. He is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Periodontics at AU. He has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and serve as a honorable consulting editor of Eye and Brain journal, permanent reviewer of JoVE, and as volunteer reviewer for more than 10 renowned journals etc.


  • Ph.D., Neuroscience National Univ of Singapore, 2007


  • MACSquant Flow Cytometry Analyzer MACSquant Flow Cytometry Analyzer Training, Miltenyi Biotec Inc., San Diego, CA., 2015

Awards & Honors

  • Young Investigator Travel Fellowship Award International Society for Eye Research-ISER, 2014

  • Travel Grant Award, ARVO National Eye Institute, 2014

  • Research Fellowship Award National Eye Institute-National Institutes of Health, 2007

  • Merit Scholarship Award for Ph.D National University of Singapore, 2004

  • NUS Merit Scholarship Award for Master’s National University of Singapore, 2001

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • DBIO 5001

    Biochemical Basis of Oral Heal
  • OBMP 9100

    Journal Club in Oral Biology
  • OBPR 9100

    Journal Club in Oral Biology
  • OBMP 9300

  • RDCT 5001

    Research Design and Critical T

Teaching Interests

I adore the statement that knowledge is much respected when shared with others. The foremost ingredient of teaching is passion. With that passion and accrued knowledge & research experience at the frontier of molecular biology, I am zealous for a teaching opportunity to share what I have learned and to instigate those young minds.


Selected Recent Publications

  • High-throughput sequencing reveals key genes and immune homeostatic pathways activated in myeloid dendritic cells by Porphyromonas gingivalis 381 and its fimbrial mutants, 2016
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Increased Retinal Expression of the Pro-Angiogenic Receptor GPR91 via BMP6 in a Mouse Model of Juvenile HemochromatosisGPR91 Expression in Juvenile Hemochromatosis, 2016
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Differential gene expression profiling and mechanism of VEGF-B in photoreceptors degeneration, 2015
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • DNMT1 is essential for mammary and cancer stem cell maintenance and tumorigenesis., 2015
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Gene Microarray Analyses of Daboia russelli russelli Daboiatoxin Treatment of THP-1 Human Macrophages Infected with Burkholderia pseudomallei, 2015
    Journal Article, Academic Journal

Research Interests

To investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in disruption of immune homeostasis in patients with chronic periodontitis (CP) and associated systemic diseases namely neurodegeneration and retinal immuno-pathogenesis (diabetic retinopathy), specifically using retinal Dendritic Cells (DCs), Macrophage and Pericytes in-vitro and in-vivo models employing state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques (Functional Genomics).

Department Service

  • Member of Staff Interview/Recruitment Committee, AU. Dept. of Periodontics. 2015 - Present

    Role: Committee Member

College Service

  • Infection and Hazard Control Committee 2016 - Present

    Role: Committee Member
  • Research Advisory Committee 2016 - Present

    Role: Committee Member

University Service

  • Member of Faculty Evaluation Committee, GRU Dept. of Oral Biology. 2015 - Present

    Role: Committee Member
  • 31st Annual Graduate Research Day Poster Session, GRU, USA 2015 - 2015

    Role: Conference-Related
  • 16th Annual Student Research & Fine Arts Conference, Poster Session 2015 - 2015

    Role: Conference-Related
  • 6th Annual Scientific Retreat, Culver Vision Discovery Institute (VDI), GRU, USA. 2014 - 2014

    Role: Other

Professional Service

  • EC Ophthalmology 2016 - Present

    Role: Editorial Review Board Member
  • Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2016 - Present

    Role: Reviewer, Journal Article
  • Optometry and Vision Science (OVS) 2015 - Present

    Role: Reviewer, Journal Article
  • Molecular Oral Microbiology 2015 - Present

    Role: Reviewer, Journal Article
  • Eye and Brain, Consulting Editor 2015 - Present