Eduardo Britton

Assistant Professor

Eduardo Britton

Assistant Professor

Academic Appointment(s)

Dental College of Georgia
Department of General Dentistry


Graduated from Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexico 1982 as Dental Surgeon (DDS), Postgraduate at Augusta University, DCG (former Medical College of Georgia) as Prosthodontist 2008-2011, Current Assistant Professor at Department of General Dentistry, Augusta University.


  • DDS, Dentistry (DDS, DMD) Universidad Autonoma de Baja C, 1982


  • DEN GA Professional Licensing BRD, 2018

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • CMPC 5902

    Comprehensive Care

Teaching Interests

Why do I teach? Teaching dental clinic is my chosen calling, a calling I strive to undertake with love and imagination and from my location as a relatively new teacher I see no end to improvement. I want to be that teacher. My approach to students assessment is expected to master different techniques to excel final results. Teaching in dentistry is central to my past and future as a member of the dental community.