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Apply to Augusta University College of Nursing

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cnl debrief room sim lab 2017We appreciate your interest in the College of Nursing at Augusta University!

About Nursing CAS

Applications for ALL programs are accepted through the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS).

NursingCAS allows applicants to use a single online application to apply to multiple nursing programs at participating colleges and universities. The College of Nursing at Augusta University receives complete and verified information from NursingCAS and is solely responsible for all admission decisions.

We recommend that you prepare for and take any standardized tests as soon as possible if required by your program. Your test scores must be received in order for your application to be considered.

Please see individual programs for detailed admissions requirements and application deadlines.


  1. Review Advice for Using NursingCAS (click image) and Technology Requirements listed below.

    NursingCAS Presentation Image
  2. Request all official collegiate transcripts (to include any foreign transcript evaluations) be sent directly to NursingCAS - P.O. Box  9201, Watertown, MA 02471. (All current and former Augusta University students will need to have official Augusta University transcripts sent to NursingCAS.) Augusta University will receive GPA calculations from NursingCAS only after they have received all of your official transcripts

    *Within the NursingCAS application, you will be asked to input details on all coursework from every institution that you have attended. You may want to request unofficial copies of your transcripts to assist you with this process.
  3. Complete your application in NursingCAS well before the deadline to allow for processing of application materials. This may take several weeks. At the initial submission of your NursingCAS application, the cost for the BSN, RN-BSN and MSN-CNL programs is $50. All other graduate programs are $70.

    Start your NursingCAS Application

  4. Please check the webpage for your program of interest to see which standardized test scores are required for your application.  All official test scores should be sent to the Augusta University Office of Admissions.  If not sent electronically by testing service, official scores can be mailed to: Augusta University Office of Academic Admissions- 1120 15th Street, Benet House, Augusta, GA 30912.

    The Augusta University school code for the GRE is 5406 (do not select a department code) and the school code for the MAT is 1108. For the TEAS test, you will select Augusta University.  Any TEAS tests taken at the Augusta University Testing Center will automatically be sent to the College of Nursing and Office of Academic Admissions. 
  5. TOEFL Scores (if required): The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for applicants who are non-native speakers of English.  This requirement may be exempted in certain situations.  Please check the program information page for more details. 
  6. Complete the brief Augusta University supplemental application.  The cost is an additional $45 for the BSN, RN-BSN and MSN-CNL programs and $25 for all other programs.  Your application will not be considered complete until all supplemental fees are paid.  The supplemental application will be emailed to you after your NursingCAS application has been submitted.  NOTE: BSN applicants who are currently enrolled degree-seeking students at Augusta University are not required to complete the supplemental application.
  7. Check your personal application page on the NursingCAS application portal to monitor the successful transmission of your transcripts and letters of recommendation.
  8. Check your email for status updates from your program. The email address that you provide on your NursingCAS application is how we will keep you informed of your application status.


NursingCAS: Visit NursingCAS if you have questions.

Programs: For specific questions please visit Augusta University nursing programs.

Technology Requirements for Nursing CAS:

To access the Nursing CAS web application online, your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Internet access with a 56K modem or faster
  • Internet browse of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft IE 8.0 or higher, or Netscape 7.01 or higher
  • JavaScript is enabled (default setting for IE, Netscape, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari)
  • Cookies are enabled (default setting for IE, Netscape, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari)
  • Pop-up windows are used, therefore, pop-up blockers should be disabled (default setting for IE, Netscape, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari)
  • 800 × 600 screen resolution (1024 × 768 or larger is preferred)
  • It is recommended that the browser be Mozilla Firefox and the window be maximized to take up the entire screen.

NOTE: Some email providers use filters to prevent users from receiving "Spam" (unsolicited, junk email). Email filters may interpret an email from NursingCAS or a nursing program as "Spam" and automatically delete a message to you. To avoid missing important NursingCAS emails, turn the "Spam" or "junk" email filters off during the application cycle. If your email provider does not allow you to turn the filter off, you may have access to a "junk mail file" that archives all messages identified as sent to multiple addresses. Periodically check your spam/junk email file for NursingCAS or nursing program-related messages.