MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader Program

The CNLClinical Nurse Leader is an advanced clinician with education at the master's degree level. Graduate education is necessary because the CNL must bring a high level of clinical competence and knowledge to the point of care and to serve as a resource for the nursing team. The master’s degree with a major in nursing will prepare graduates for an advanced role. CNL students are prepared to enter the nursing profession by translating the skills and experiences from their education to launch their careers in nursing.

Graduates of this program are eligible (if not already RNRegistered Nurses)  to take the NCLEXNational Council Licensure Examination licensure examination for Registered Nurses and the CNL Certification exam offered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing while graduating with their Masters of Science in NursingMSN.


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Clinical Nurse Leader students


  • Provide advanced nursing care to rural, urban and underserved populations in various settings
  • Practice interdisciplinary relationships
  • Become leaders in the healthcare system

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