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A beginning freshman is any student who has graduated from a regionally accredited high school within the past five years, including students from non-accredited home school programs. If you graduated from high school more than five years ago, please see the Life Enrichment requirements.


High School Transcript

  • If you are currently enrolled in your senior year, please include a copy your current schedule along with your transcript.

SAT Scores or ACT Scores

Verification of Lawful Presence

  • Fall 2016: 2240 Freshman Index
  • Minimal SAT Scores: Critical Reading of 430 and Math 400 or minimal ACT Scores: of 17 for English and 17 for Mathematics
  • Required High School Curriculum (RHSC): 17 units must have been completed by time of graduation

The most important consideration for determining eligibility for freshman admissions at Augusta University is the Freshman Index (FI). The FI is determined by the following formula(s)

FI = SAT critical reading + SAT math + (High School GPA x 500)

FI = (ACT Composite x 42) + (High School GPA x 500) + 88

These requirements are for students who graduated from high school in 2012 or later.

  • English: 4 units
  • Mathematics: 4 units
  • Science: 4 units with labs
  • Social Science: 3 units
  • Foreign Language: 2 units of the same foreign language


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