Welcome to the Residency Program in Pathology

Augusta University is located in Augusta, GA, the second-largest metropolitan area in Georgia with a three-county population of approximately 500,000. MCG is the largest medical school in the southeastern United States, with an entry class each year of 230 students.

The Pathology Department has faculty that are truly committed to education and contribute significant proportions of their time to that effort. Our full-time faculty is composed of 22 clinical faculty and 6 research faculty, and this is complemented by an active clinical faculty composed of pathologists and other physicians from the community.

If you would like more information on our program, please explore our web page or contact Allegra Blair, Residency Program Coordinator, and we would be pleased to send you more information. Our mailing address is: Department of Pathology, Augusta University Medical Center, Room BF-103-B, Augusta, Georgia 30912.


Dr Savage

Natasha M. Savage, MD

Director of Residency Program

Assistant Professor of Pathology

Contact: (706) 721-2092


 Dr. Kleven

Daniel T. Kleven, MD

Associate Director Residency Program

Associate Professor of Pathology

Contact: (706) 721-8166



Dr. Ravindra Kolhe

Ravindra Kolhe, MD, PhD

Associate Director Residency Program

Assistant Professor

Contact: (706) 721-9212


 Allegra Blair

Allegra Blair

Residency Program Coordinator

Fellowship Program Coordinator

Contact: 706-721-5118



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