Honors Program

The Honors Program was approved by the Augusta University faculty in 1996. Open to students in every major and discipline, the Program offers talented, motivated students an enhanced learning experience more typical of a small, much more expensive, liberal arts college. We do this by providing:

  • Sections of core courses that are specifically designed for able and energetic learners and are taught by faculty members committed to excellence in undergraduate education.
  • Seminars that cross the boundaries of disciplines and/or cultures.
  • A more active learning environment in which students learn to think critically and improve their writing and speaking skills.
  • Opportunities to engage in undergraduate research by completing a senior thesis.
  • The Augusta University Honors Program is affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the Georgia Collegiate Honors Council, making available to interested Augusta University students a variety of honors opportunities nationwide.
  • A unique and challenging way to satisfy general core course requirements.
  • In-depth academic advising.
  • Co-curricular activities through the Honors Program Student Association (HPSA).

The Honors Program (HP) aims to enhance the undergraduate education of Augusta University’s most academically-gifted students by creating a vibrant intellectual climate that supports academic excellence, active learning, and a culture of research and scholarship in a collegial and open environment. It seeks to challenge students intellectually, enhance their interpersonal communication skills, and prepare them for a culturally diverse society. The HP helps students work both cooperatively and independently, cultivating advanced skills in analysis and synthesis, and developing interdisciplinary and/or multicultural perspectives.

The HP course of study balances breadth and depth. It is not a separate degree program but instead augments the course work required for a degree. Successful completion of the program requirements culminates in an Honors Degree, a seal of distinction that lets prospective employers, graduate schools, and professional schools know that the student has maintained a consistent record of excellence and has completed a significant work of undergraduate research, scholarship, or creative activity.

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