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Studying abroad or away (our domestic programs) just may be the single experience in your education that changes your life. Nothing will be quite the same after you have studied abroad -- your perspectives will be global, your attitudes international, and you will have memories that you will carry forever.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to inspire and build world citizens who are international leaders in service, research, and teaching. We encourage and support learners and faculty to study abroad, study away, and create global partnerships while respecting and appreciating the inter-connectedness of the world’s cultures and societies.

Invest in Our Students:
We in the Study Abroad Office here at Augusta University are highly invested in helping our students study abroad. Often, the biggest hurdle students face is the question of how they will pay their study abroad trip. One of the ways our office helps with this is to offer scholarships. If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund or to any other part of study abroad, we encourage you to donate to the Study Abroad Fund.

Come by our office to learn more about our new programs, no appointment needed! 

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Upcoming Events:

Final Payment Deadlines! Refer to your program's page for these quickly approaching deadlines.

Georgia International Leadership Conference applications are due to our office by Friday, January 27 @ 5pm. Find the application here. Details here.

Orientation Meetings are mandatory and will take place in the next few months. Double check that you have noted your program's Orientation date!