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APS Publications 2016 Star Reviewer
Congratulations Dr. Zsolt Bagi, on being selected as an APS Publications 2016 Star Reviewer!

The Editor in Chief of each APS journal selects up to three Editorial Board members who have provided an extraordinary number of reviews and/or who have provided particularly timely reviews in the past year.

Dr. Masuko Ushio-Fukai 
New target emerging for treating diabetes-related blood vessel damage

Dr. Masuko Ushio-Fukai featured in Jagwire

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Dr. Bruder do Nascimento and Dr. Belin de Chantemele
Too little fat is bad for cardiovascular health and leptin therapy may help

Grant by Dr. Bruder do Nascimento and Dr. Belin de Chantemele featured in Jagwire.

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Dr. Liu and Dr. Huo
Likely new treatment target identified for Diabetic Retinopathy
Dr. Yuqing Huo and Dr. Zhiping Liu of VBC featured

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Dr. Romero-Lucas
VBC's Dr. Romero-Lucas Receives 2018 Award

Maritza Romero-Lucas, MD, D. Sc, of the VBC, receives Pilot Study Research Program (PSRP) Award!

VBC News

The VBC Congratulates our
2018 Ph.D. recipients!

Jian Peng “JP”  Teoh, PhD 

Jian Peng “JP”  Teoh, PhD

Thesis: “ß-adrenergic receptor/ß-arrestin-mediated mircroRNA maturation regulatory network: A new player in cardioprotective signaling.”

Mentor: Dr. Il-man Kim

Huijuan “Emily” Dou, PhD

Huijuan “Emily” Dou, PhD

Thesis: “ADAM17 and age-related vascular dysfunction”

Mentor: Dr. Zsolt Bagi

Esraa Shosha, PhD

Esraa Shosha, PhD with Distinction

Thesis: “Neurovascular Degeneration Following Retinal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury: Role of Arginase 2”

Mentor: Dr. Ruth Caldwell

Rodney Littlejohn, MD, PhD
2017 BCVS Minority Travel Award recipient

Rodney Littlejohn, MD, PhD

Student in Huabo Su’s lab received the
2017 BCVS Minority Travel Award
at the AHA Scientific Session 2017 (11/11-15 in Anaheim, CA) - Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences (BCVS)

Graduate Update:

Where are they now?

VB graduate Frank T. Spradley
Frank T. Spradley (University of Mississippi)
2011 VBC Graduate

Recipient of the O. Fleur Strand Opportunity Award which recognizes the achievements of a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, enabling the recipient to attend EB meeting.


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