Animal User Clearance (Wildlife)

The following steps must be successfully completed for each person before they will be authorized to work with wildlife at Augusta University or in the field.

Must be completed by the Instructor for each class involving exposure to wildlife:

Submit a class roster to
Must be completed by all instructors and students:

Complete the online Occupational Health Risk Assessment. This tool determines if you require a medial evaluation prior to animal exposure.
Must be completed by all instructors and students:

Complete the online Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Wildlife modules.

You can log in later and continue from here any time after you are registered:

  1. Click Augusta University Courses
  2. Click Wildlife Research
  3. Click Complete The Integrity Assurance Statement before beginning the course
  4. Complete the 5 required wildlife modules.

NOTE: The timing of this process is entirely dependent upon your responsiveness. Prompt responses to email from LASACCESS, IACUC, ANIMALOHP, and LASTRAINING will ensure the most expedited clearance.