Public Safety Division Administration

Title / Position Name Room # Telephone #
Area Code (706)
Director, Public Safety Division and Chief of Police James C. Lyon  HT-2310 721-2914
Deputy Chief of Police Jasper A. Cooke PSS-116 667-4207
Major, Professional Standards Eugene J. Maxwell HT-2118B 721-1257
Major, Police Administration and Personnel Ernest J. Black HT-2113B 721-2577
Captain, Investigations and Community Policing Theodore R. McNeal  HT-2118B 667-4114
Director of CEPaR Joseph Webber PSS-113 667-4251
Business Manager Roxie Bush HT-2312 721-2914
Physical Security Manager      
Physical Security Specialist Christopher Bolton HT-2107 721-8120
Administrative Assistant Donna Branan HT-2321 721-2914


General Contact Information  
Business Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM., Monday - Friday, except holidays (EST)
Office: (706) 721-2914
Fax: (706) 721-2448
Physical Address: Augusta University Annex II
HT Building
2nd Floor, Administrative Suite, HT-2321
Mailing Address: Georgia Health Sciences University
Public Safety Division
Attn: (Name, Title or Section)
524 15th Street
Augusta, Georgia 30912-7500