Office of the Provost


Provost Perspective

Faculty and student recognition

As the academic year begins to draw to a close, we traditionally pause in the midst of the annual march to graduation to recognize the achievements of our faculty and students.

For me, it’s a very satisfying time of year because honoring those who have proved to be the best at what they do reminds us yet again why it is we do what we do. This period of honors and awards serves not only as incentive and motivation, it gives us all a sense of gratitude that we are not in this alone ... Continue reading

Academic Program Spotlight

Educational Innovation EdD Program

In a society where change happens in the blink of an eye, leaders who can understand problems, advocate for their solutions and incorporate real-world innovation into their respective fields are an absolute necessity.

That’s the philosophy behind the College of Education’s first doctoral degree offering—the Educational Innovation Ed.D. program.

Designed to prepare scholarly practitioners to respond to evolving educational systems, the 55-hour program can be completed in as little as three years and focuses on finding solutions to real-world problems, both within and outside the field of education ... Continue reading

FY17 Resource Planning and Budget Hearings

Multiple hearings have been completed for Deans and VPs to present their FY16 status updates and FY17 needs. These presentations are available here.

Employee Engagement

What's Happening with the Survey Results

An employee engagement survey was administered across the entire university and health system to better understand the needs, desires, and concerns of our employees, who are the lifeblood of our institution.

Phase I included the Health System and most shared service units and was concluded in November 2013. The Health System re-administered the survey in November 2014, and plan to conduct this annually.

Phase II included the University and the first assessment was concluded in May 2014; plans are to coordinate future administrations with the Health System on an every other year cycle; the next survey for the University is planned for November 2016 ... Continue to the website