New Student Orientation

Registration for Spring 2018 will open October 1st.

Registration for Summer & Fall 2018 will open December 1st.

Things to Keep in Mind when Registering:

We urge all students to register online for a Jaguar Nation Welcome session as soon as possible.  Each student will be charged a  non-refundable Orientation Fee upon registering. To determine which date is best suited for you as a new student, please go to the section of the website that serves your student type (please click on your student type to be directed to the correct page).:

  • Freshmen are defined as first time college attendees, including previously dual-enrolled students.
  • Transfer Freshmen are defined as freshmen students (under 30 credit hours) transferring from another institution to Augusta University
  • Transfers are defined as students transferring from another institution to Augusta University.
  • Non-Traditional Students are defined as students 24 years of age or older and will attend Transfer Orientation.
  • Transient or Post-Baccalaureates are students that may not be taking a full course load and have a separate process, However, if you are degree seeking Post-Baccalaureate you will be required to attend a Transfer Orientation
  • Readmitted (Continuing/Returning) are students that have been away from Augusta University for three or more continuous semesters without any additional courses in between. You have a separate process, unless you have been away for three years or more (anyone out from Spring 2013 or further will be required to attend). 

Each student must have registered for a spot at orientation. Please make sure to register any individuals attending with you at the time of registration. It is difficult to change reservations after they have been submitted.  If you have any trouble registering, please contact Student Life & Engagement at 706-737-1610 or email us at at  

You may experience some new terminology throughout the Jaguar Nation Welcome website, so please visit  Glossary of College Terms to assist you through this process.


Any student, family member, parent or guest with a documented disability needing accommodations during orientation events should contact Testing and Disability Services in order to make appropriate arrangements.  Please note that some accommodations, such as sign language interpreters, may take considerable time to arrange.  Testing and Disability Services can be reached at 706-737-1469 or via email at  Additional information can be found online by going to Testing & Disability Services.


   Student Life & Engagement