Becoming a DCG Patient

New Dental Patients

You and your family will receive compassionate, patient-centered care. Our dentists offer general and specialized care for all ages.

You can choose from these care options based on your dental needs, finances, and availability:

Faculty members, including general dentists and specialists, provide direct patient care in an educational-practice setting. Fees are comparable to those in private practices in our area. To schedule an appointment with a Dental Associates dentist, call 706-721-2696. 

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Residents are licensed dentists who are continuing their training in a specialty program. Care is provided under the supervision of experienced and certified, specialty clinical faculty. Patients whose treatment may be too complex or time-consuming for a dental student may be offered the opportunity to be treated by a resident. The fees for treatment by a resident are higher than those charged in the student clinic, but less than you might expect to pay elsewhere. The care provided by a resident will generally take less time than with our dental students. 

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Patients are treated by dental students under the direct supervision of licensed dentists. Individuals are accepted as patients after a screening appointment based on their treatment needs and their availability. Fees in this program are the lowest of all the school’s programs (approximately 60 percent lower than private practice), but the time commitment is the greatest.

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Children 13 and under and Special Health Care Needs Children (SHCN) under 21 are seen in our Pediatric Dentistry Clinic. Call (706) 721-2716 for an appointment.

We are a preferred provider organization for Medicaid and a variety of dental insurance plans. If you have other dental insurance coverage, the Business Office will assist in filing these claims; however, payment for treatment will be required at the time of service. Payment can be made by cash, check, or major credit card.

Please contact the Business Office with insurance and billing questions at 706-721-9447.

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Do you have a dental emergency? Visit our Emergency Dental Clinic!