Becoming a Patient 

Thank you for your interest in The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. We would like to accept you for treatment if your needs can be resolved in a student teaching program and if your schedule will allow you to be here for extended appointments. Our goal will be to provide you with high quality treatment at a reduced fee. The dental treatment is provided by students and residents under the close supervision of our experienced teaching staff at The Dental College of Georgia.

First we need to evaluate your dental needs to assure that you may benefit from our student services. To do this, we will need to see you for about two hours to find out what your needs are. You can help us speed up the screening process by printing and completing a Screening Application. To open the Screening Application, click on the blue button below:

Download Screening Application Form

You can submit your completed application to The Dental College of Georgia in one of three ways:

1) Mail to the address listed at the top of the application

2) E-mail to

3) Fax to Patient Screening at 706-723-0228

Please use only one method (U.S. mail, e-mail or fax) to submit your completed application to us. 

The application is for a screening appointment and does not guarantee acceptance as a patient. Dental x-rays and a more detailed examination may be necessary before being accepted as a patient. Priority is given to applicants with dental problems which fit our teaching programs. All received applications are reviewed by a faculty member. Applications which are incomplete or do not appear to match current student needs will be rejected. Applicants whose applications are rejected should receive a letter informing them of this within three weeks of our receipt of the application. Applications that are accepted for screening are placed in the list of potential patients awaiting an appointment to be screened. If you are not contacted within four months of submitting your application, please assume our waiting list for your particular problem(s) is too long. In this case, we urge you to seek care elsewhere before your problems become more complex. 

Our time requirements are extensive; therefore, the cooperation and understanding of the patient is necessary. You may be asked to be available for appointments one morning or afternoon (1-4 hours) each week (Monday-Friday) for 6-12 months. You should be seen at least once a month. The fees charged for care reflect a dollar ($) savings to compensate you for your time. However, if you cannot devote the required amount of time, we suggest you arrange for private dental care.

After you are accepted as a potential patient in the student dental program, you may be assigned to a student. Depending on student needs, it may take up to 6 months before you are assigned to a student. Once assigned, the student will contact you and schedule your appointments. Because of the rigid requirements on the student's time, we require that patients must notify the student at least two school days in advance when it is necessary to reschedule an appointment. To serve everyone better, repeated tardiness or two broken appointments may result in termination of treatment.

If you think you have a dental emergency, this is not the appropriate application. Please call 706-721-2371 (select option 1) for information about our Emergency Dental Services.