Section 01: University System of Georgia
There are currently no policies for this section.
  Section 05: Public Service
There are currently no policies for this section.
  Section 08: Personnel
Academic Leave Policy  
Accident and Injury Reporting Policy  
Accommodating Employees with Disabilities Policy  
Accrual and Use of Annual Leave Policy  
Accrual and Use of Scheduled Holidays Policy  
Accrual and Use of Sick Leave (Faculty) Policy  
Accrual and Use of Sick Leave (Staff) Policy  
Accrual and Use of Unscheduled Holidays Policy  
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) Policy  
Amorous Relationships  
Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy  
Compensation Policy for Classified Employees  
Contract Renewal Policy  
Disciplinary Procedures for Employees  
Distinguished Faculty Titles Policy  
Drug-Free Workplace for Classified Employees Policy  
Duty During Hazardous Weather Conditions Policy  
Employee Categories  
Employment & Termination of Foreign Nationals Policy  
Employment Beyond Retirement Policy  
Employment of Extra Duty Personnel (From Other Departments)  
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)  
Employment Procedures  
Equal Employment Policy  
Establishment of New Non-Academic Position Policy  
Ethics Policy  
Evaluation of Faculty  
Faculty Action and Approval Process Policy  
Faculty and Exempt Classified Employee Monthly Record of Leave and Other Absences Policy  
Faculty Appointment Policy  
Faculty Classification Policy  
Faculty Extra Duty Compensation Policy  
Faculty Grievance Policy  
Faculty Recruitment Policy  
Faculty Removal Policy  
Faculty Suspension Policy  
Family Medical Leave Act  
Fitness for Duty Policy  
Graduate Teaching Assistant Policy  
Grievance for Visiting Academes Policy  
Grievance Procedures for Classified Employees and Postdoctoral Fellows Policy  
Group Insurance Policy  
House Staff Residents and Clinical Fellows Policy  
Individual Conflict of Interest Policy  
Institutional Guidelines for Faculty Review Policy  
Interim and Acting Appointments Policy  
Non-Discrimination Anti-Harassment Policy  
Non-Retaliation (Whistleblower Protection)  
Off Campus Leave and Training Time Policy  
Outside Professional Activities  
Performance Appraisals of Classified Employees Policy  
Pre-Tenure Review Policy  
Privacy of Health Information  
Procedures for Provisional Employees Policy  
Rehiring of Employees Policy  
Relocation & Moving Expenses for New Employees Policy  
Reporting Relationships Policy  
Required Documentation of Licensure Certification and or Education of Faculty and Classified Employees  
Service and Comfort Animal Policy  
Shared Sick Leave Program Policy  
Substance Abuse Policy  
Telework Flextime Policy  
University System of Georgia Employee Consultant Services  
Variable Pay Plan Policy  
Withholding of Pay  
Workers' Compensation, On-the-Job Injuries & Return to Work Policy  
Workforce Reduction policy