Undergraduate Internships - PSYC 4960

Undergraduate internships are a wonderful opportunity to gain experience for future jobs and graduate school. The internship option is available to seniors by permission only. Interested students should contact Dr. Stephanie Northington – snorthington@augusta.edu to find out more about the process to be approved for an internship. PSYC 4960 requires 100 hours of time at the internship site over the course of a semester. Students are also required to attend weekly meetings with a psychology faculty member to discuss their internship experiences.

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Undergraduate Internship Listing

Graduate Internships - PSYC 6940, PSYC 6960, PSYC 6970, PSYC 6980

In order to pursue an internship option, graduate students must be approved for the particular option during the first year review. Once approved, the student should meet with Dr. Stephanie Northington to discuss placement options. After placement options are approved, students are responsible for making contact with the internship sites and setting up interviews. Students should remember that they may not spend more than 20 hours at their internship sites without a scheduled meeting with a faculty internship supervisor. Clinical students must complete 600 hours of PSYC 6960 Clinical Internship. Applied experimental students must complete 450 hours of PSYC 6940 I/O Internship, PSYC 6970 Teaching Internship, and/or PSYC 6980 Research Internship.

 » Augusta University Graduate Internship Manual

graduate internship site How was your internship experience?

"I had a wonderful internship experience. I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with therapy clients. I also got exposure to a wide range of mental disorders."

"Lots of experience and exposure with different types of disorders and medical conditions."

"My internship was highly personal with excellent training and opportunity for both interview and testing."