Graduate Admissions

Psych Grad Studies

Inquiries and applications are encouraged especially from members of minority groups and older persons. Persons possessing otherwise adequate credentials but who may have a deficit in a single credential such as quantitative GRE scores or freshman grade point average are encouraged to apply. In such cases, the department may use appropriate other information in the admission decision. Should such individuals be admitted to the program, they will maintain a provisional status for at least one semester.

 Application Procedure

A Graduate Applicant must submit the following documents. Notification of a decision will be made by email and mail. The applicant should notify the Department of Psychological Sciences and the office of admissions if a change of address occurs during the application process.

The majority of application materials will be submitted electronically.

However, should you need to submit documents through the mail, please send to:

 The Office of Academic Admissions
1120 15th Street 
Benet House 
Augusta, GA 30912 

  1. Applicant should have completed requirements for the bachelor's degree in a regionally accredited college/university. Successful applicants for regular graduate status will, at a minimum, have satisfactorily completed undergraduate courses in general psychology, research methods, and quantitative methods. It is also recommended that the undergraduate preparation include tests and measurements together with "core" courses, such as abnormal psychology, learning, biological psychology, social psychology, and history and systems of psychology.
  2. A minimum grade point average equivalent to 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  3. formal application and non-refundable $50.00 application fee. Complete the application taking care that all questions are answered. Incomplete applications will delay your admission.
  4. A completed Grade Point Average (GPA) Form indicating GPA in psychology courses and last two years of undergraduate education. An excel spreadsheet has been included to help with these calculations. Please note that there are 3 worksheets in the excel file - an example, a Psychology GPA form, and a Last Two Years GPA form. Please attach hard copies of the each of the completed spreadsheets (Psychology GPA and Last Two Years GPA) to the Grade Point Average Form.
  5. An official transcript from EACH regionally accredited school and/or university attended regardless of whether the referenced coursework was transferred and appears on a subsequent transcript. All the transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing agency.
  6. Have taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) within the past five years. We do not require a specific score on the GRE.  Please note that successful applicants usually have a combined quantitative and verbal score of at least 290 and an analytical score of 4. Click on this link for additional information about the GRE.
  7. Three letters of recommendation from former teachers or non-related persons who have direct knowledge of your potential to succeed in and benefit from a graduate program. At least 2 must be academic references. References will be contacted with information you provided in your application. No references will be contacted until you have submitted your application.
  8. A 750 word statement which expresses the basis of your interest in enrolling in psychology at Augusta University. Give attention to your immediate academic goals and to your future professional goals. Your statement will be evaluated for its overall organization, clarity, and grammar. The ability to write well is a prerequisite to adequate academic performance at the graduate level.

  9. An official score report for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This is a requirement for ALL STUDENTS WHOSE NATIVE LANGUAGE IS OTHER THAN ENGLISH. In addition, all foreign students must submit a financial responsibility statement which is to be prepared on the form provided by the Office of Admissions. International students are encouraged to view general instructions or contact
  10. A completed non-resident fee waiver form, if applicable. In accordance with the Board of Regents' policy for the University System of Georgia, the following applicants are eligible to attend Augusta University as residents of the State of Georgia:
    [a]Full time employees of the University System of Georgia, their spouses and dependents
    [b] Georgia public school teachers and their dependent children
    [c] Active duty military personnel stationed in Georgia and their dependents

For any further questions, please contact
The Department of Psychological Sciences at 706-737-1694

Application Deadlines

Deadline: April 17, 2018

All application materials must be received by the final deadline for full consideration.