Psychology Definition

The Department of Psychological Sciences is dedicated to sharing the science of behavior and mental processes with undergraduate and graduate students through a liberal arts tradition which values learning of the discipline, understanding and participating in the advancement of psychological knowledge

Psychology is one of the largest and most popular majors at Augusta University and across the nation. Our faculty is committed to teaching and conducting research in both the scientific and applied areas of psychology. Faculty areas of expertise represent most of the major specialties of psychology, including clinical, social, experimental, learning and cognition, biopsychology, and developmental.

The Department of Psychological Sciences offers students a well-rounded educational experience. Students have a wide variety of psychology courses from which to choose, but additional experiences and opportunities are available beyond the classroom. The department has laboratories for the study of both human and animal behavior. Specific laboratories are devoted to clinical, social, and child psychology, learning and cognition, and biopsychology. The department also maintains an animal colony and small animal surgery facilities. A separate computer lab and Psi Chi resource room are also available to students. These laboratories are available to students for actual hands on experience in psychological research with faculty supervision.

We encourage you to browse our site to discover all the exciting possibilities our program has to offer. We welcome you to the Department of Psychological Sciences and hope that you enjoy your experience as a psychology major!


The department is dedicated to sharing the science of behavior and emotional and cognitive processes with our students through teaching, advancing the psychological sciences through research, and preparing our students to excel in service to their community. 


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To serve as a premier Department of Psychological Sciences in both teaching and research domains while encouraging personal growth in our students and significantly impacting their contribution to society