Brian Armstrong

*Assistant Professor of Philosophy* *Philosophy, Literature, Dostoevsky, Wittgenstein*
Michael B. Bishku

*Professor of History* *Middle East, Africa, Nationalism*
William Bloodworth

*Professor of American Studies; President Emeritus, Augusta State University* *American Studies*
Angela Bratton

*Associate Professor of Anthropology* *Cultural Anthropology, Africa*
Lee Ann Caldwell

*Professor of History; Director of the Center for the Study of Georgia History; University Historian-in-Residence* *
Sandrine Catris

*Assistant Professor of History* *Asia, China, Islam, Memory*
Heather Chiero

*Associate Professor of History* *Latin America, Latino/Hispanic US*
Elna Green

*Professor of History; Dean of the Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences*
John Hayes

*Associate Professor of History* *US South, Religion, Class*
Ruth McClelland-Nugent

*Associate Professor of History* *Culture, Gender, Atlantic World*
Maggie Needham

*Lecturer*Archaeology, North American Anthropology*
Jennifer Trunzo

*Associate Professor of Anthropology* *Historical Archaeology, Eastern US*
Wendy Turner

*Professor of History* *Medieval Europe, Medicine*
Hubert van Tuyll

*Professor of History* *Military, Europe, Russia*
Steven D. Weiss

*Associate Professor of Philosophy* *Ethics, Nietzsche, Medicine*
Brandy Thomas Wells

*Assistant Professor of History* *African American History, US History, African Diaspora, Women*



Office Staff

Jackie Meggett
Jackie Meggett

*Administrative Assistant*Allgood Hall E222*


Retired Faculty

Mark C. Fissel
Mark C Fissel

Professor Emeritus of History
Wayne Mixon 
Wayne Mixon

Professor of History

Christopher Murphy 
Christopher Murphy

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
Michael Searles 
Michael Searles

Assistant Professor of History