History, Anthropology, & Philosophy

Anthropology Students


History, Anthropology, and Philosophy are foundational academic disciplines, which provide training in analyzing and interpreting the human past, the complexity of human social patterns, and the enduring questions about who we are.

We offer a dynamic curriculum where students can choose from a wide array of courses about US, European and World History, historical archaeology and cultural anthropology, and contemporary and historical philosophy. Our faculty are devoted teachers and talented researchers, who hail from top-ranked graduate programs across the US and Canada.

The Department’s mission is to create critical thinkers, writers, and researchers. We focus on building contextualized knowledge of the world, through an explorations of the lives, problems, and legacy of real people and societies. Students are introduced to the disciplines of History, Anthropology and Philosophy during their freshman and sophomore years, while choosing advanced courses during their junior and senior years. Small seminars taught by senior faculty introduce students during the junior year to the research methods of our disciplines.

Our courses teach skills and content which are transferable to a wide range of occupations and pursuits. The department offers undergraduates degrees in both History and Anthropology, as well as minors in all three disciplines. History B.A. students have the option of completing a concentration in Secondary Teacher Certification. Recent graduates of our programs have pursued careers in education, law, journalism, and public administration.