LASER Talk - February 21, 2017, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

University Hall, Room 170

Be part of the Department of Art’s engaging event associated with elite institutions such as UC Berkeley, Stanford & University of Westminster to foster collaborations between the arts and sciences

James Elkins 

The E.C. Chadbourne Chair of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.His writing focuses on the history and theory of images in art, science, and nature. Some of his books are exclusively on fine art (What Painting Is, Why Are Our Pictures Puzzles?). Others include scientific and non-art images, writing systems, and archaeology (The Domain of Images, On Pictures and the Words That Fail Them), and some are about natural history (How to Use Your Eyes).

Kelli Braun MD, FACOG

Dr. Braun is the Associate Dean for Admissions, Medical College of Georgia. Her clinical interests include minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, including total laparoscopic hysterectomy as well as gynecologic office procedures. Her presentation will be on the development of Low Fidelity Simulation Models.

Brian Rust

Brian Rust is a Professor of Sculptor at Augusta University specializing in large-scaled sculpture and temporary installations. He also has produced an extensive body of work with drawing and collage. Brian was born and raised in Washington state. He received a B.F.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle and his M.F.A. from the University of California in Berkeley.


Collaboration with Westobou Announced

Kara Walker and Larry Walker talk with critic Lilly Wei

The Department of Art brings internationally renowned artists to Augusta. Kara Walker and Larry Walker share a conversation with critic, Lilly Wei.


As a long-time graphic designer, Maria Fabrizio, artist and illustrator of Wordless News, knows the worth of pictures.


Graphic Design Program 

  • Graphic Design 1: Exploring Design Processes, Materials, & Methods
  • Graphic Design 2: Deconstructing Typography, Lettering, & Layout
  • Design Thinking: The Power of Creativity & Collaboration
  • Synthesizing Illustration, Media, & Culture
  • Tactile Graphics: Printed Surface for Books & Limited Edition
  • Kinetic Environments: Moving Image, Packaging, & Identity
  • Web Environments: Introduction to Web Design & Interactive Motion
  • Graphic Design through History: from Caves to Contemporary
  • Design Factory: Working with Clients


Visiting artist Ralph Gilbert explains the creative processes behind his mural paintings. 


Art Student’s Design Shown on Conan O’Brien

Ballie Conway DesignCheck it out. Our very own Baillie Conway designed a winner for TEAMCOCO. It appeared on the episode featuring the cast of “Suicide Squad.” Go to 20:02 of the full length episode to see it. Congrats Baillie! Click on the link below. 



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Brooke Mays

‘Bird Guy’ Brian Rust Explores Where Nature Meets Art in the Sculpture Garden

Check out the article written about Sculpture Professor Brian Rust's installation at The Chautauqua Institute. Click here

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Creativity is the essential skill of the twenty-first century.


Almost every aspect of contemporary life, professional and personal, includes creative competencies. Creative people thrive today because they are better able to navigate a world that is less defined. They see problems where no one else does. And those problems that others didn’t see, they solve them in unusual ways. They are self-directed as their curious nature spurs them to seek out new things.

We in the Department of Art at Augusta University are building a creative community of young people wanting to express themselves through art and design. We welcome you to join us.

Please contact us at auart@augusta.edu or 706-667-4888. 



Offering programs in fine arts, sculpture and ceramics, printmaking and photography, drawing and painting, and new for 2016, graphic design.


Our program prides itself on rich studio experiences and close interactions with faculty that prepares our students to build a career in art making.


Exhibiting contemporary visual art and research in all media produced by the most distinguished and relevant contemporary artists today.


An artist’s work happens as much in the studio as out—and at Augusta University, art majors enjoy the best of both worlds.


Augusta University's Art program has nationally and internationally recognized faculty who are working artists themselves.


Our alumni are doing what they love, for life. Read stories about the accomplishments of our alumni nationwide.