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The Augusta University Degree Completion Initiative (AUDCI) is a collaboration with the Department of Defense to help the various branches achieve their missions by creating a system to help DoD employees, both military and non-military, earn their bachelor’s degree here at Augusta University. AUDCI Degree Completion Degree Guide

The following minimum requirements must be met by all students admitted to Augusta University (AU):

  • 2.2 Cumulative Collegiate Grade Point Average (GPA)[1]
  • 30 Credit Hours from accredited institutions to be transferred[2] [3]
  • Must be a Department of Defense employee
  • Submit official transcripts from all enrolled and/or attended academic institutions (such as accredited colleges or universities or military service affiliated college office paperwork including military transcripts) prior to applying following the “Request Official Transcript for College and Universities” process[4]
    NOTE: Students do not need to be accepted to the University before they send the above information. As transcripts and test score transmissions can take weeks before they are received by the university, it saves a lot of time in the acceptance process for students to get the transcript requests in as soon as possible. Transcripts and the like received by the university will be placed in a hold until the student’s application is received and then, all information will be put together in order to process the application. Likewise, downloading and completing the immunization form[5] and TB questionnaire in advance will also save a lot of time down the road.
  • Submit all standard examinations for college credit scores completed (such as College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and other competency exams)[6]
  • All accepted students must adhere to all Board of Regents (BOR) policies and procedures[7] and AU graduation requirements as defined by the AU Catalog[8]


    Students wishing to participate in this initiative must notify command and obtain an application fee waiver from the NCS program manager to be eligible for participation. DoD employees and active duty personnel who wish to take courses but do not notify command and obtain the application fee waiver will not be considered as part of this initiative.

    [1] This GPA must be cumulative from all institutions to which the candidate has attended and/or been enrolled.

    [2] No more than 90 hours will be accepted and applied towards any baccalaureate degree for these students

    [3] Students transferring less than 30 hours must also submit high school transcripts as well as GED or test scores (SAT or ACT). These scores will not be required for those students who transfer 30 or more college credits.


    [5] The immunization form must be signed by a medical professional before it is turned in. For further information regarding immunizations, please continue to the immunization part of the Acceptance section of this manual.

    [6] A full list of how credit received at AU for these exams can be found by visiting



Initiative Program Liaison

Carol Giardina (Director of Military & Veterans Services)


Washington Hall, 2nd Floor (Summerville Campus)

Phone: 706-667-4086 or 706-729-2255




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