Originally developed to discover how remedies and poisons effected man, modern pharmacology lays the groundwork to discover and develop future generations of therapeutics. Pharmacology's scope has broadened to include: computer-assited drug design; genetic screens; protein engineering; and new drug-delivery vehicles like viruses and artificial cells.

Pharmacology and Toxicology was established as a department at MCGMedical College of Georgia in 1943. The department's history of accomplishments include the discovery of the adrenergic receptor subtypes-alpha and beta which led to developing several drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular and neuroscience studies are the focuses of the department's research programs.

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Study and develop the pharmaceuticals of tomorrow.

Department Highlights

  • Research in the areas of cardiac, vascular, and pulmonary disease, schizophrenia, learning and memory, neuroprotection and drug abuse.
  • Experimental approaches range from the gene to whole animal.


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