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Department of Medicine

at the Medical College of Georgia

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Education & Training

Our faculty is devoted to the education and development of outstanding clinicians according to core competencies of patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning, communication, professionalism, and systems-based practice.


Patient Care and Clinical Service

Augusta University is working to identify under-served disease populations, and link clinical care with existing areas of research to address local and regional health disparities.

Events Department of Medicine

Week of February 8, 2016


Grand Rounds:

Medicine Grand Rounds

Dr. Sam Lim "Systemic Lupus"
BC 1040


Cardiology Grand Rounds
2/12/16  7:00-8:00am
Johnathan Murrow, MD
BI 4081


Medicine Noon Conferences:

2/8/16    12:00-1:00pm
Dr. David Haburchak "STDs"

BC 140 Lee Auditorium

2/10/16    12:00-1:00pm

BC 140 Lee Auditorium

2/11/16   12:00-1:00pm
BC 140 Lee Auditorium

2/12/16   12:00-1:00pm
Dr. Stephanie Baer "Viral Pneumonias"
BC 140 Lee Auditorium





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