Student Academic Promotions & Professionalism Conduct Committee

The Student Promotions Committee of the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia is responsible for assessing the cumulative performance of the student during and at the completion of each academic year and makes its recommendations to the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs of the Medical College of Georgia.  The committee and its subcommittees will include representatives from among the geographically separated campuses.

This constitutional committee, in accordance with LCME standards, will be composed of faculty members selected by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Dean for Student and Multicultural Affairs, and the Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum with the approval of the Dean and they shall submit a slate of candidates for membership to the Committee on Committees. 

It shall be divided into four subcommittees, one for each class; each consisting of a chair and five additional members.  Each subcommittee chair shall serve a term of four years.  Chairs of the subcommittees should serve as a member of the Student Promotions Committee for four years before becoming chair.  Members shall be appointed from each clinical campus as needed.

The committee shall function as outlined in the MCG Faculty Senate Student Promotions Committee Academic and Professionalism Policies and Procedures. 

Through its subcommittees, the committee shall monitor the academic performance of the students in each class, recommend students for academic advancement and graduation, and recommend appropriate actions regarding students experiencing academic difficulty.

The committee shall review and evaluate the policies and procedures under which it operates and shall recommend to the Medical College of Georgia Faculty Senate Executive Committee any changes deemed to be necessary in those policies and procedures.

Student Promotions Committee Membership

Clive Slaughter, PhD, Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership, Chair (2018)
Eve Gallman, PhD, Vice Chair, ex-officio
Kimberly Loomer, EdD, Associate Dean, Student & Multicultural Affairs, ex-officio
Renee Page, MD, Associate Dean Curriculum, ex-officio
Doug Patten, MD, Campus Associate Dean SW, ex-officio
Wayne Rentz, MD, Campus Associate Dean SE, ex-officio
John Francis, MD, PhD, Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership, Associate Dean, Student & Multicultural Affairs, ex-officio
Matthew Boegehold, PhD, Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership, Interim Associate Dean Curriculum, ex-officio
Leonard Reeves, MD, Campus Associate Dean NW, ex-officio
Renuka Mehta, MBBS, President, MCG Faculty Senate, ex-officio voting

2018 Subcommittee
Eve Gallman, PhD, AU/UGA Medical Partnership, Chair
Davidson Freeman, MD, Pediatrics
Dale Peeples, MD, Psychiatry & Health Behavior
Deborah Moore-Hill, MD, Neurology
Dixon Freeman, MD, NW GA Regional Clinical Campus
Bunja Rungruang, MD, OBGYN
Allen Pelletier, MD, Family Medicine
Stewart Shevitz, MD, 4th Year Class Associate Dean, ex-officio

2019 Subcommittee
Anna Edmondson, PhD, Cellular Biology & Anatomy, Chair
Pamela Fall, MD, Medicine
Cassandra White, MD, Surgery
Mark Lopez, MD, Emergency Medicine & Hospitalist Services
Puttur Prasad, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Muthusamy Thangaraju, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Brett Szymik, PhD, AU/UGA Medical Partnership
Eric Lewkowiez, MD, 3rd Year Class Associate Dean, ex-officio

2020 Subcommittee
Michael Brands, PhD, Physiology, Chair
Janet Munroe, MD, Radiology
Chad Ray, MD, OBGYN
David Kozlowski, PhD, Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine
Ashley Saucier, MD, Family Medicine
Lori Welch-Sigmon, PhD, Psychiatry & Health Behavior
William (Sonny) Hardman, MD, AU/UGA Medical Partnership
Greer Falls, MD 2nd Year Class Associate Dean, ex-officio

2021 Subcommittee
Matthew Diamond, DO, Medicine, Chair
Barbara Henley, MD, OBGYN
Alex Hryniuk, PhD, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Huda Tawfik, PhD, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Jennifer Tucker, MD, Emergency Medicine & Hospitialist Services
Elena Wood, MD, PhD, Medicine
Emmanuel Ngu, PhD, AU/UGA Medical Partnership
Lynette Bauza, MD, 1st Year Class Associate Dean, ex-officio