Medical College of Georgia Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is composed of elected representatives from the faculty at the Medical College of Georgia. The Faculty Senate serves as an advisory body to the Dean of the Medical College of Georgia. The Senate provides a means for faculty participation and achievement of long-term goals of the college. The Faculty Senate has established several standing and special committees which have a major impact on medical students and faculty. These include: Admissions; Student Affairs; Student Academic Promotions & Professionalism Conduct; Curriculum; Dean's Student Research; Representation on the Medical College of Georgia Honor Council; Faculty Appointment, Development, Promotions, and Tenure Committee.

Faculty Senate Mission Statement - Approved July 31, 2000

As elected representatives of the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia, members of the faculty senate will:

  • Serve as a forum for the dissemination of information, and for the discussion and expression of opinion regarding matters of interest, concern or importance to the faculty.
  • Participate in the organization and governance of the faculty by naming and coordinating committees that oversee student issues such as admissions, student promotions and professionalism, student curriculum, and faculty issues such as promotions and tenure and recognition of outstanding performances.  Facilitate communication with the Dean of the Medical College of Georgia about faculty opinions and concerns.


Committee Memberships

faculty senate awards

Contact Information:

Jatinder Bhatia
Wendy Bollag, PhD

President MCG Faculty Senate

Professor of Physiology

Augusta University, CA 1008


Phone: 706-721-0698

Terry McBride
Terry McBride

MCG Faculty Senate Liaison

Medical College of Georgia, AA-1014


Phone: 706-721-4056

Fax: 706-721-7035