Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

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The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine is dedicated to providing exceptional perioperative care to our pediatric and adult surgical patients throughout the care continuum in our new Perioperative Surgical Home, the operating rooms and growing number of satellite locations, Augusta University Medical Center’s intensive care units, and our Pain Clinic. Over 90% of our faculty are subspecialty-trained and bring with them a wealth of clinical experience as well as advanced perioperative diagnostics and treatment interventions.

We are committed to training future physician anesthesiologists through our fully accredited anesthesiology residency, pain medicine fellowship, and anesthesiology critical care medicine fellowship programs. We are proud of our residents who, over the years, have served as leaders of regional and national associations, developed devices used in the operating room, and provided excellent care for our patients. We also offer an anesthesia externship and various rotations for medical students interested in our specialty. Our basic science labs conduct research funded by both the National Institutes of Health and private industry.


CITI training: How to register, How to log in

Once you log in, click the arrow next to AU Courses. Under My Learner Tools for AU, select Add a Course. Under Question 1, select Group 2. Answer “no” to the other questions and select Submit. It will take you back to the beginning page. Select Group 1 or 2 under Course (depending on type of research you'll be doing) and complete the modules. (Learner groups: 1=FDA regulated, 2=nonFDA regulated, 3=human-derived materials, 6=VA, 7=social/behavioral). Also complete Good Clinical Practices.

IRBNet training, IRBNet login

To link your CITI account to IRBNet: Enter username/password, click on User Profile, scroll to External Accounts, click Add an External Account. For Account Type, select CITI Training Program, enter CITI Member ID.  Check the email associated with IRNet for confirmation email, then confirm that you wish to link the 2 accounts.

Other: SPA (budget forms),  Cerner (IT help), CME Tracker, Compliance Hotline (patient health information, research misconduct, etc.) Greenblatt Library (journal articles, eBooks)

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Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

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