Off-Campus Augusta University Health Sciences Campus Users

Your Augusta University JagID accesses Library resources through the Augusta University Libraries proxy server when away from the Augusta campus.

  • When selecting a subscribed Greenblatt Library database, eJournals, or clicking a Find It link, the “Off-Campus Access for Augusta University Libraries Resources” proxy server will request your Augusta University JagID username and password.
  • On verification of your Augusta University JagID, the proxy server will pass you through to the selected resource.
  • Contact the Information Technology Services Desk at 706-721-4000 for questions or needed assistance with Augusta University JagID.

Your active Greenblatt Library account establishes access to borrowing library materials and monitoring your borrowing account.

  • Health Sciences campus students and medical residents tend to be automatically registered in the Greenblatt Library borrowing system with PULSE ID.
  • Augusta University Health Sciences campus and AU Health System faculty and staff register in a few minutes at the Greenblatt Library with their Augusta University or AU Health System ID.

After you sign in to your borrowing account in the Library Catalog you can:

  • Check due dates of borrowed items checked out to your account.
  • Renew some borrowed items before their due date.
  • Borrow GIL Express books from other participating University System of Georgia libraries when your account does not have overdue items or outstanding fines or fees.

Help with access issues


  • I tried to login, but get the error message that my username or password is not correct.
    • The first step is to verify your JagID is not working. Test it by logging into your Augusta University email account. If you are able to login to your email, then it could be a typing error. Try to login to the proxy again.
    • If your JagID is not working at all, you may need to reset your password. Go to or contact the ITS Help Desk at 706-721-4000 for further assistance.
  • I logged into Off-Campus Access (EZproxy) and my browser is displaying a blank screen.
    This is most likely due to browser settings. Please check the following:
  • What does it mean when a user gets an error message indicating that a line must be added to the config file?
    Example: Error: To allow to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize the hostname of this URL in the ezproxy.cfg file.
    This can occur because the domain name has changed for the resource. In many instances, the library was not informed of the change. Please note the name of the resource and provide the information to the library.

Additional remote access troubleshooting scenarios.