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Officers & Committees

Executive Committee 2015-2016

  • Chapter President: Kevini Frazier
  • Chapter President Elect:  Jean Pawl
  • Immediate Past President:  Pam Hayward
  • Chapter Secretary: Regina Messer
  • Chapter Treasurer:  Bonnie Troiano
  • Chapter Public Relations Officer: Heather Young
  • Chapter Vice President:   (Student)
  • Chapter Vice President:  Kevan Khaksarfard (Student)



Committee Volunteers   2014-2015 -- Will be updated in fall

Ceremonies Committee
 Chair Megan Buning
  Jean Pawl
  Lovoria Williams
  Ariel Lucas
Nominating Committee
Chair Jana Sandarg
  Kevin Frazier
  Ray Whiting
  Paulette Harris
Scholarship Committee
Chair Bill Reese, Chair
  Jessica Reichmuth

Christina Heckman


Julie Zadinsky

Public Relations Committee
Chair Danielle Harris
  Kim Davies
  Shana Tafro
  Sini Ferree
  William Bloodworth
Arsenal Lecture Series Committee
Chair Jean Pawl
Student Research & Fine Arts Conference Committee
 Co-Chair Angela Spence
 Co-Chair Maryska Connolly-Brown
  Jessica Reichmuth
  Dave Hunt
  Sabina Widner
  Tadd Patton
  Trinanjan Datta
  Abigail Drescher