Graduate Research Day


Participant Information

Eligibility to Participate
  • Graduate students enrolled in The Graduate School at Augusta University
    *Please note, although 1st year students are allowed to participate in the conference, they are not eligible to receive awards.
  • Augusta University medical residents
  • Augusta University Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Students enrolled in the UGA College of Pharmacy/Augusta University partnership program
Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission & Advisor Agreement Process

  1. Work with your advisor to prepare an abstract which is no longer than 1500 characters (approximately 250 words) and an abstract title which is no longer than 160 characters.
  2. Submit an electronic version of your abstract via the Abstract Form for students or post-grads and medical residents by downloading and emailing it to Marvis Baynham by February 3rd. Print out an identical copy of your abstract form and bring it to The Graduate School office with your signed Advisor Agreement form by February 10th.
  3. Submit the signed Advisor Agreement form and Abstract form to Marvis Baynham in CJ-2201 by February 10, 2017.

Presentation Formats
Posters Oral Presentations
  • The poster board surface area is approximately
    5' high and 4' wide.
  • All posters will be mounted on this size poster board.
    There are no special accommodations for oversized
  • Posters can be held in place using pushpins.
  • Participants can download a high resolution version
    of TGS logo by clicking here.
  • Posters must be mounted by 9am and participants
    must be at their posters between 10am and 12pm for judging.

Contact Dr. Mike Brands with questions about poster presentations.

  • Oral Presentations will be held on March 9 by postdocs only.
    Preference for oral or poster presentation should be
    indicated on the abstract form.
  • Talks will be 10 minutes each, with 5 minutes for questions.

Contact Dr. Wendy Bollag with questions about oral postdoctoral presentations.





Participants are eligible to receive the following awards:

  • Fisher Scientific Phi Kappa Phi Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research
  • Ji Cheng Memorial (Award for Excellence in Research by a biomedical sciences student in the early years of training)
  • Excellence in Program/Discipline
  • TGS/Graduate Faculty Assembly Award ( for Excellence in Research by a Graduate Student)
  • Excellence in Research by a Postdoctoral Fellow (poster and oral)
  • Award for Excellence in Research by a Graduate Medical Resident

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