The Graduate School Student Spotlight

Our students each have a passion to make a difference for themselves and those in the world around them. As a student at Augusta University, you will have the opportunity to make an impact as part of our professional community of educators, researchers, business leaders, nurses, and more. 

Read on to learn more about what our graduate students have accomplished, and to see how you can find your fit in one of our programs. 

Jessica Jessica Pierce  Cellular Biology & Anatomy  Jessica is investigating bone loss as we age. 
Amy Amy Paschall  Biochemistry & Cancer Biology  Amy is working to increase the efficacy of the immune system's response to cancer. 
Simar Simarjot Pabla Genomic Medicine  Simarjot is using genomic information to investigate the immune system. 
Cam Cam McCarthy  Physiology  Cam focuses on vascular function, specifically cardiovascular disease and hypertension. 
Joanna Joanna Erion  Molecular Medicine  Joanna was inspired to go into Alzheimer's research by her grandmother. 
Inas Helwa  Oral Biology  As a post-doctoral fellow, Inas is using bench-to-bedside research to make a difference. 
Grace Grace Fox  Neuroscience  Grace went from a STAR to a graduate student in the Augusta University Neuroscience Program. 
Justin Flanders Education Student  Justin Flanders   Education Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction   Justin, a Kindergarten teacher, is currently working towards his second graduate degree at Augusta University. 
Baria Jennings Baria Jennings   Ed.D.  Baria looks forward to focusing her goals of becoming a global ambassador for education, and putting her theories into practice.
Jessica Jessica Stewart  MPH  Interested in solving problems on a global scale, Jessica chose to pursue a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in management
Medical Illustration Minz Joseph  Medical Illustration  Minz combined art and science to forge ahead in the field of biocommunications. 
Thiri Lin Thiri Lin  Neuroscience  Thiri is currently studying a subset of inhibitory interneurons in the brain by investigating their role in neurodevelopment at different critical periods. 
Huijuan Huijuan Dou  Vascular Biology 

Huijuan uses human tissue biopsies to study coronary heart disease and to develop a better understanding of why the risk of coronary artery disease increases as people gain weight and develop obesity

Rajneesh Rajneesh Pathania  Biochemistry & Cancer Biology 

When Rajneesh entered the Biochemistry and Cancer Biology doctoral program, he knew he wanted to find a cure for breast cancer

Jason at Bench Jason Davis  Pharmacology  
Who's Who winners 2016 Who's Who Winners  Congratulations to our 2016 winners!  
Li group  Congrats to Xueyi Li & Huijuan Dou, our AHA Pre-doctoral Fellowship Awardees!     
Biostats Fengjiao Hu  Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Biostatistics