Biomedical Sciences - PhD Programs

We equip students with the resources needed to become independent biomedical researchers and further prepare them to become leaders in their fields.

Thiri Lin Brain

Complete a common core in biomedical science, then choose from 9 programs of study:

Dedicated to a well-rounded training approach in biochemistry and cancer research to prepare students to be outstanding and independent scientists.

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Darren Browning, PhD Program Director
male faculty member of Indian Decent Bal Lokeshwar, PhD
Program Director
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Provides training in the broad areas of developmental biology, cellular biology and neuroscience for students interested in pursuing careers in research or teaching as faculty members in medical schools.

Mark Hamrick, PhD Program Director

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Trains students on how to develop and apply advanced technologies to address complex biological questions that take advantage of genomic information available for humans and model organisms.

Rafal Pacholczyk, PhD Program Director

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Provides training at the interface between medicine and the traditional basic science disciplines emphasizing the molecular processes underlying human diseases.

Lynnette McCluskey, PhD Program Director

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Offers coursework and research experience from both a basic research and applied clinical perspective. Students learn neuroscience fundamentals through the exploration of different neural systems.

Darrell Brann, PhD Program Director

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Focuses on basic, translational and clinical research related to diseases of the orofacial complex.

Regina Messer, PhD Program Director

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Applies the tools of pharmacology to study diseases in two major areas: the cardiovascular and nervous systems.  Many projects are aimed at providing the groundwork for the identification of new drug targets and/or the improvement of existing therapeutics.

John Johnson, PhD Program Director

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Emphasizes an integrative approach to physiology in three core areas - cardiovascular, endocrine and neuroscience - with expertise in molecular, cellular and organismal research methods.

Adviye Ergul, PhD Program Director

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Research in this program is focused on on obtaining a detailed understanding of the function of blood vessels at the molecular, cellular, whole organ, and whole organism levels to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vascular diseases.

Rudolph Lucas, PhD Program Director

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Students are admitted via a common admissions process to the biomedical sciences PhD program, not to a specific major. After completing first-year core course work and laboratory rotations, the student chooses a dissertation research mentor and enters one of nine PhD majors based on that faculty member’s program affiliation. In each program, students complete a PhD dissertation based on original research.

Students accepted into the biomedical sciences PhD program will be considered on an annual basis for a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) appointment. For 2017/2018 the GRA package includes:

  • stipend support ($25,500/year)
  • a reduced tuition rate of $25/semester
  • payment of the health insurance premium for enrollment in the standard Augusta University student (individual) health insurance program