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If you would like to give to somewhere other than the categories listed above, please use the table below to find your AUF and GHSF fund numbers. Looking for MCG-Funds?

Foundation Fund ID Number Fund Name Area
AUF 291130 English & Foreign Lang Discretionary Fund CAHSS
AUF 381020 Faculty - Alumni Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 294170 Department of Mathematics Discretionary Fund CSM
AUF 398230 Scope Scholarship - William & Elizabeth Sherrill Fund Athletics
AUF 297080 Library Discretionary Fund General
AUF 291110 Psychology Department Discretionary Fund CSM
AUF 291120 Sociology Department Discretionary Fund CAHSS
AUF 391310 Kelly Drake Endowment CAHSS
AUF 393060 Michael Cisick Scholarship COE
AUF 293200 College of Education Discretionary Fund COE
AUF 291910 ASU-Research Center CAHSS
AUF 391330 Patricia Smith Lesher Endowment CAHSS
AUF 291900 ASU-Radio Station - WACG 1 CAHSS
AUF 296070 Nursing Department Discretionary Fund CON
AUF 297170 Honors Program Discretionary General
AUF 280130 Technology Projects Administrative
AUF 291210 Center For Georgia History CAHSS
AUF 393050 Blanche Garrard Memorial Scholarship COE
AUF 396020 Sarah Sancken Davis Endowment CON
AUF 395070 Business Dean's Fund for Excellence Fund HCOB
AUF 295300 College of Business Admin - Fac. Research & Development HCOB
AUF 294180 Chemistry and Physics Discretionary Fund CSM
AUF 394020 Jerry Sue Townsend Scholarship CSM
AUF 291080 History Department Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 395020 Paul B. Bailey Endowment HCOB
AUF 381130 Ruth McAuliffe Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 291090 Music Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 381040 Clay M. Skelton Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 391430 Lillian Rosen Art Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 297070 Division of Prof & Comm Education Discretionary General
AUF 291100 Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 381100 Oliver K. Mixon Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 397050 R.S. Wallace Dist. Service Award General
AUF 381050 H.F. & Sue Leroy Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 391410 Kevin Mulherin Music Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 391380 Renee Olubunmi Rondeau Mem Schol CAHSS
AUF 391360 Dinwiddie Scholarship CSM
AUF 395090 Cecil R. Turner Scholarship HCOB
AUF 394050 Chess Howard Endowment Chemistry & Physics CSM
AUF 391290 Katherine R. Pamplin Endowment CAHSS
AUF 295290 Hull College of Business Administration Discretionary Fund HCOB
AUF 393010 Frank & Alice Green Memorial Scholarship COE
AUF 280080 Information Technology Services Discretionary Administrative
AUF 190170 Alumni Annual Meeting Unrestricted
AUF 293230 Literacy Program COE
AUF 291010 Trav-Eng & Foreign Lang Intl Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 280330 ASU-Facilities Budget Discretionary Administrative
AUF 380290 ASU-Nancy Lackey Moses Endowment General
AUF 281230 Greg Witcher Valedictory Award General Scholarships
AUF 391400 Lucille Fleischer Endowment CAHSS
AUF 190030 President's Club Unrestricted
AUF 380020 Faculty Research & Development Endowment General
AUF 297220 Dean of Students Discretionary Fund General
AUF 391320 Elise Solomon Hirsh Endowment CAHSS
AUF 395060 Clay Flanders Endowment HCOB
AUF 295310 Hull College of Business - GA Soc CPA's HCOB
AUF 398240 Mikael Peterson Golf Endowment Athletics
AUF 280090 Media Services Discretionary Fund Administrative
AUF 293210 Advanced Studies & Innovation COE
AUF 391390 Kenneth Sexton Foundation Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 280100 CEPaR Discretionary Account Administrative
AUF 291140 Political Science Discretionary Fund CAHSS
AUF 395100 Russell Blanchard Endowment HCOB
AUF 297290 Testing & Disability Services General
AUF 391420 Gloria Dittus Endowment CAHSS
AUF 396030 Nursing Endowment CON
AUF 381320 Helen Hendee Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 291870 Charles Willig Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 380320 ASU-Eugenia T. Glover Recital Hall Endow General
AUF 291060 AU American Opera Institute CAHSS
AUF 297190 Faculty Club General
AUF 280240 Admissions Discretionary General
AUF 394060 Biology Endowment CSM
AUF 190120 Lauderdale Golf Tournament-Gifts Athletics
AUF 190150 Alumni Dues Unrestricted
AUF 398260 J. Neal Garland Golf Endowment Athletics
AUF 297280 Minority Advising Program General
AUF 291220 Philosophy Events Fund CAHSS
AUF 380060 G. and B. Beasley Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 297090 Career Center Discretionary General
AUF 381160 Steven W. Patch Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 398270 Howard Wagner Golf Scholarship Endowment Athletics
AUF 291020 Mauldin Music Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 381370 ASU-Cynthia Ann McKinney Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 291920 ASU-Foreign Student Affairs CAHSS
AUF 281310 Trav-Italian Studies Abroad Prog-Fine Arts/William General Scholarships
AUF 280140 Alumni Association General
AUF 380220 Oscar Allen Presidential Fund General
AUF 391440 W. Keith Cowling Endowment Fund CAHSS
AUF 396040 Adele Reeves Key Memorial Fund CON
AUF 394070 Carolyn Vaughan Biology Endowment CSM
AUF 297150 Conservatory Music Program General
AUF 297100 Academic Advisement Center Discretionary General
AUF 381070 Suzanne LeRoy Mulcay General Scholarships
AUF 381060 Hilda E. Pierce Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 291230 Women's Studies Fund CAHSS
AUF 280260 Guard House/History Walk Fund Administrative
AUF 381150 Firefighter's Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 398280 Gerald M. Carter Golf Scholarship Athletics
AUF 395110 Schrameck Family Memorial Scholarship HCOB
AUF 294210 Psychology Conference Fund CSM
AUF 297110 V.P. Bus. & Stu. Services Fund General
AUF 280110 Facilities Discretionary Administrative
AUF 291030 Gwen Wood Book Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 280150 Staff Advisory Discretionary Administrative
AUF 298180 Advancement Program General
AUF 297120 Public Relations Discretionary General
AUF 298190 Dugout Club Athletics
AUF 395120 Bill Monge Endowment HCOB
AUF 391450 Mary Lu Kuhl Sandhills Endowment CAHSS
AUF 294190 Biology Discretionary Fund CSM
AUF 393070 Renee P. Russo Memorial COE
AUF 190160 Alumni Misc Income Unrestricted
AUF 381170 ABWA Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 391460 Leslie L. Youngblood, Jr. Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 190200 Alumni Event Sponsorship Unrestricted
AUF 393110 Lyle Smith Memorial Scholarship COE
AUF 391470 Jack Connell Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 380300 ASU-Isiah & Justine Washington Trust Endow General
AUF 395130 MIS Endowment HCOB
AUF 281240 Presidents' Choice Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 391480 Nissa Bren Moles Music Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 398250 Frances and Russell Phillips Scholarship Endowment Fund Athletics
AUF 295320 Phi Beta Lambda HCOB
AUF 391270 Frances Eugenia Comer End CAHSS
AUF 381010 Lacy D. Decamp End General Scholarships
AUF 281280 ALERTS Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 297130 Institutional Effectiveness & Research Discretionary General
AUF 393090 Robert Lee Henry Scholarship COE
AUF 391540 Chelsea Collins Memorial Sch CAHSS
AUF 190080 Forest Hills Project Unrestricted
AUF 291890 Cynthia Kelly Mem Sch CAHSS
AUF 393100 Francis & Sara Dennis Endowment COE
AUF 395050 Henry Flaherty Assistance Program HCOB
AUF 281250 Marty Gibson Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 398210 Sam Sibley Endowment Athletics
AUF 190250 Marie J. Hulbert Estate Unrestricted
AUF 291170 Communications & Professional Writing Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 291150 Art Department Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 291160 MPA Program CAHSS
AUF 291240 TVC Lab CAHSS
AUF 380310 ASU-Dorroh Nowell Endowment General
AUF 393080 Estelle Patricia Berry Polite Endowment COE
AUF 391490 Edith Wright Bailey Endowment CAHSS
AUF 293240 Golf for Business & Life COE
AUF 291250 Psychology Student Travel CAHSS
AUF 297180 Study Abroad Discretionary General
AUF 398290 Marvin Vanover Scholarship Athletics
AUF 395030 Sherman Drawdy Assistantship HCOB
AUF 297250 Counseling Center Discretionary General
AUF 391530 Philip Morsberger Endowment CAHSS
AUF 190090 Phonathon Unrestricted - Gifts Fund Unrestricted
AUF 395360 Maxwell Chair HCOB
AUF 391680 Morris Eminent Scholar Chair CAHSS
AUF 394090 Emil Urban Student Research Award CSM
AUF 391500 Martha A. Neely Endowment CAHSS
AUF 394080 Albert M. & Joyce E. Shaw Scholarship Fund CSM
AUF 281220 Ozella Jackson Book Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 297240 Maxwell PAT Discretionary General
AUF 395140 Hull College of Business Endowment HCOB
AUF 391510 Cantine Jones Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 395150 GA Bank & Trust Endowment HCOB
AUF 391520 Larry E. & Brian E. Rykken Endowment CAHSS
AUF 396050 Class of 2008 Nursing Scholarship - Gifts CON
AUF 393130 Becton Endowment COE
AUF 380230 Georgia Center Endowment General
AUF 393120 Jo and Kyle Smith Scholarship COE
AUF 395160 Knox School of Accountancy HCOB
AUF 298310 Gordon Uhl  Scholarship Athletics
AUF 381190 North Columbia Fire & Rescue End Sch General Scholarships
AUF 391560 George-Ann W Knox Visiting Artist Program CAHSS
AUF 280250 Auxiliary Services Discretionary Administrative
AUF 395190 Wachovia Endowment-Gifts HCOB
AUF 380280 ASU-Stewart Wiggins Loan Endowment General
AUF 291040 Reid Memorial Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 291180 ASU Jazz Ensemble-Gifts CAHSS
AUF 291260 EFL Schols Project CAHSS
AUF 395170 Charles H. D. Williamson Endowment HCOB
AUF 395180 Phi Kappa Phi Endowment HCOB
AUF 391570 Samuel J & Sarah Singal Endowment CAHSS
AUF 381180 Natalie and Lansing B Lee, Jr Pres Sch General Scholarships
AUF 395200 Hull COB Knox Scholars HCOB
AUF 281260 The Big Heart Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 391580 Theo & Artemisia Thevaos Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391590 Jonathan Scott Dean Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 293160 Ed Leadership Endowment COE
AUF 293170 Teaching and Leading COE
AUF 297160 Center for Teaching General
AUF 291190 Buffalo Soldiers Fund CAHSS
AUF 293220 Kinesiology COE
AUF 394040 Chemistry Assistantship CSM
AUF 397040 Louis K Bell Research Award General
AUF 395210 First Citizens Foundation Endowment HCOB
AUF 391600 John M Smith, Jr. Sociology Endowment CAHSS
AUF 298050 Jaguar Club Athletics
AUF 298060 Baseball Athletics
AUF 298070 Men's Basketball Athletics
AUF 298080 Cross Country Athletics
AUF 298090 Men's Golf Athletics
AUF 298100 Tennis Athletics
AUF 298110 Softball Athletics
AUF 298120 Volleyball Athletics
AUF 298130 Women's Basketball Athletics
AUF 298140 Women's Golf Athletics
AUF 298150 Cheerleading Athletics
AUF 380070 R. O. Barton Endowment - Gifts General
AUF 298160 Men's Golf Tournament Athletics
AUF 281270 Kristen Thompson Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 297210 The Life of the Mind-Gifts General
AUF 395340 Sancken Memorial Trust Endowment HCOB
AUF 294150 Chemistry & Physics Fund CSM
AUF 391610 Mary S Byrd Art Study Abroad Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 381210 Mavis Harrison Sch Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 391620 Emily Stevens Baumann Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 298010 W. Christian Etterlee II Basketball Scholarship Athletics
AUF 280160 Forest Hills Capital Improvements Reserve Fund General
AUF 280120 Phi Kappa Phi Discretionary - Gifts General
AUF 281290 Cathy Barner Scholarship - Gifts General Scholarships
AUF 395220 SRNS Endowment HCOB
AUF 381200 Lexie's Legacy Memorial Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 393140 Hardy Education Endowment COE
AUF 395230 J. Porter Adams Scholarship Fund HCOB
AUF 281300 Watson-Brown Grant General Scholarships
AUF 395240 Tax Slayer Endowment HCOB
AUF 280340 ASU-Misc Restricted Gifts General
AUF 298030 Athletic Discretionary Athletics
AUF 294160 ADP STEM Scholarship CSM
AUF 391630 Robert L Johnston Sociology Endowment Fund CAHSS
AUF 393150 Richard D. Harrison Endowment COE
AUF 281330 Joseph Greene Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 398300 Dressel-Evans Scholarship Fund Athletics
AUF 297260 Student Activities Discretionary General
AUF 380010 Pamplin CAHSS Endowment CAHSS
AUF 291200 Humanities Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 291050 Lynthia Owens Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 281340 Wylds Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 394030 Grover Williams Scholarship CSM
AUF 293180 Augusta Woman's Club Scholarship COE
AUF 297200 CURS General
AUF 291930 ASU-Piano Fund CAHSS
AUF 190140 Annual Tree Lighting Unrestricted
AUF 293190 Vicki Crickenberger Teacher Education Scholarship COE
AUF 381360 Phylis Holliday Mental Health Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 391640 Wycliffe Gordon Jazz Scholarship-Gifts CAHSS
AUF 395250 E J Maddocks Scholarship HCOB
AUF 394100 Cameron Wylds Endowment CSM
AUF 391650 William A. Bloodworth, Jr. Endowment CAHSS
AUF 295330 MINF 2201-Gifts HCOB
AUF 298020 Kiwanis Club Scholarship Fund Athletics
AUF 298170 Women's Golf Tournament-Gifts Athletics
AUF 294200 College of Science & Mathematics Discretionary CSM
AUF 381120 Merrill Thompson Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 297140 Military Veterans Outreach Center Discretionary General
AUF 280170 West Augusta Real Estate Fund General
AUF 397020 Matthew Miklas Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 188880 ASU-Suspense/Pending Fund General
AUF 190260 AUF-Liberty Mutual Affinity Program Fund Unrestricted
AUF 380030 Cree-Walker Chairs Endowment General
AUF 381030 Janis Bargeron Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 381080 Louise McCollum Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 381090 Bruce McCollum Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 381110 Robert Gould Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 381140 Howard R Mulcay Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 391280 Clark Cordle Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391300 John C Bell Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391340 Jenny York Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391350 Connie Vance Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391370 Nate Bindler Art Faculty Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 380040 Bankers First Directors Endowment HCOB
AUF 380050 McKenney Award Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391880 Charles and Dordy Freeman Endowment CAHSS
AUF 393020 Harvey Duncan Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 393030 John M Smith Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 393040 Louise White Memorial Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 395010 William T Maxwell Endowment HCOB
AUF 394010 Chemistry/Physics Endowment CSM
AUF 395040 NW Mutual Financial Network Scholarship Endowment HCOB
AUF 395080 Betty Friedman Student Assistantship Endowment HCOB
AUF 395270 Knox Chair Endowment HCOB
AUF 396010 Frances C Gunn Scholarship Endowment CON
AUF 397010 Pamplin Library Fund Endowment General
AUF 398200 Howard Creel Golf Scholarship Endowment Athletics
AUF 398220 J C Bible Golf Scholarship Endowment Athletics
AUF 298200 Howard Creel Golf Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298210 Sam Sibley Expendable Athletics
AUF 298220 J C Bible Golf Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298230 William & Elizabeth Sherrill Scholarship (SCOPE) Expendable Athletics
AUF 298240 Mikael Peterson Golf Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298250 Frances & Russell Phillips Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298260 J Neal Garland Golf Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298270 Howard L Wagner Golf Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298280 Gerald M Carter Golf Scholarship Expendable Athletics
AUF 298290 Marvin Vanover Scholarship Expendable Fund Athletics
AUF 298300 Dressel-Evans Scholarship Expendable Fund Athletics
AUF 298040 Athletics General Reserve Athletics
AUF 297270 Open Paws Food Pantry General
AUF 297230 Testing & Disability Services Discretionary General
AUF 280020 Faculty Research & Development Expendable General
AUF 280040 Bankers First Directors Expendable HCOB
AUF 280050 McKenney Award Expendable CAHSS
AUF 280060 George & Bessie Mae Beasley Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 280070 R O Barton Expendable HCOB
AUF 280180 Annual Scholarships & Awards Budget General Scholarships
AUF 280190 Prospective Endowment Budget General
AUF 280200 Department Discretionary Funds Budget General
AUF 280210 Miscellaneous Funds Budget General
AUF 280220 Oscar Allen Presidential Expendable COE
AUF 280230 Georgia Center Expendable General
AUF 281010 Lacy D Decamp Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281020 Faculty- Alumni Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281030 Janis Bargeron Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281040 Clay M Skelton Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281050 H F & Sue Leroy Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281060 Hilda E Pierce Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281070 Suzanne LeRoy Mulcay Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281080 Louise McCollum Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281090 Bruce McCollum Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281100 Oliver K Mixon Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281110 Robert Gould Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281120 Merrill Thompson Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281130 Ruth McAuliffe Memorial Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281140 Howard R Mulcay Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281150 Firefighter's Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281160 Steven W Patch Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281170 ABWA Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281180 Natalie & Lansing B Lee, Jr Presidential Scholarship Exp General Scholarships
AUF 281190 North Columbia Fire & Rescue Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281200 Lexie's Legacy Memorial Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281210 Mavis Harrison Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 281320 Helen Hendee Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 291070 AU Augusta Opera Scholarship Award CAHSS
AUF 291270 Frances Eugenia Comer Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291280 Clark Cordle Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291290 Katherine R Pamplin Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291300 John C Bell Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291310 Kelley Drake Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291320 E Solomon Hirsh Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291330 Patricia Lesher Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291340 Jenny York Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291350 Connie Vance Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291360 J Gray Dinwiddie Scholarship Expendable CSM
AUF 291370 Nate Bindler Art Faculty Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291380 Renee Rondeau Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291390 Kenneth Sexton Foundation Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291400 Lucille Fleischer Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291410 Kevin Mulherin Foundation Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291420 Gloria Dittus Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291430 Lillian Rosen Art Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291440 Keith Cowling Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291450 Mary Lu Kuhl Sandhills Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291460 Leslie L Youngblood Jr Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 297060 Pamplin - Life of the Mind Expendable General
AUF 297050 R S Wallace Dist Service Award Expendable General
AUF 297040 Louis K Bell Expendable General
AUF 297030 Matthew Miklas Scholarship Fund Exp- Communications General Scholarships
AUF 297020 Matthew Miklas Scholarship Fund Exp- Testing & Disability General Scholarships
AUF 297010 Pamplin Library Fund Expendable General
AUF 296060 Pamplin- Nursing Expendable CON
AUF 296050 Class of 2008 Nursing Scholarship Expendable CON
AUF 296040 Adele Key Scholarship Expendable CON
AUF 296030 Nursing Expendable CON
AUF 296020 Sarah Sancken Davis Expendable CON
AUF 296010 Frances C Gunn Scholarship Expendable CON
AUF 295360 Maxwell Chair Expendable HCOB
AUF 295350 Oscar Allen Presidential Expendable- HCOB HCOB
AUF 295340 Sancken Memorial Trust Expendable HCOB
AUF 295270 Knox Chair Expendable HCOB
AUF 295260 Cree-Walker Chairs- HCOB Expendable HCOB
AUF 295250 E J Maddocks Scholarship Expendable HCOB
AUF 291470 Jack Connell Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291480 Nissa Bren Moles Music Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291490 Edith Wright Bailey Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291500 Martha A Neely Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291510 Cantine Jones Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291520 Larry E & Brian E Rykken Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291530 Philip Morsberger Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291540 Chelsea Collins Memorial Scholarship Music Exp CAHSS
AUF 291550 Chelsea Collins Memorial Scholarship Eng & Foreign Lang Exp CAHSS
AUF 291560 George-Ann W Knox Visiting Artist Program Exp CAHSS
AUF 291570 Samuel & Sarah Singal Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291580 Theo & Artemisia Thevaos Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291590 Jonathan Scott Dean Scholarship Expendable CSM
AUF 291600 John M Smith Jr Sociology Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291610 Mary S Byrd Art Study Abroad Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291620 Emily Stevens Bauman Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291630 Robert L Johnston Sociology Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291640 Wycliffe Gordon Jazz Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291650 William A Bloodworth Jr English & Foreign Language Exp CAHSS
AUF 291680 Morris Eminent Scholar Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291690 Pamplin- Arts & Sciences Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291700 Pamplin- English & Foreign Language Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291710 Pamplin- Music Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291720 Pamplin- History Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291730 Pamplin- Learning Support Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291740 Pamplin- Political Science Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291750 Pamplin- Psychology Expendable CSM
AUF 291760 Pamplin- Sociology Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291770 Pamplin- Art Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291780 Pamplin- Communication & Professional Writing Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291790 Pamplin- Humanities Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291800 Pamplin- Mary S Byrd Art Gallery Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291810 Pamplin- PACS Student Research Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291820 Pamplin - CAHSS - CURS Student Research Endowment Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291830 Pamplin- Teaching & Learning Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291840 Cree-Walker Chairs- CAHSS Expendable CAHSS
AUF 291850 Lillie Johnson Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 291860 Oscar Allen Presidential Endowment - COAS CAHSS
AUF 291880 Charles and Dordy Freeman Expendable CAHSS
AUF 293010 Frank & Frances Green Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293020 Harvey Duncan Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293030 John M Smith Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293040 Louise White Memorial Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293050 Blanche Garrard Memorial Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293060 Michael Cisick Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293070 Renee P Russo Memorial Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293080 Estelle Patricia Berry Polite Expendable COE
AUF 293090 Robert Lee Henry Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293100 Frances & Sara Dennis Expendable COE
AUF 293110 Lyle Smith Memorial Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293120 Jo & Kyle Smith Expendable COE
AUF 293130 Becton Expendable COE
AUF 293140 Hardy Education Expendable COE
AUF 293150 Richard D. Harrison Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293250 Cree-Walker Chairs - COE Expendable COE
AUF 293260 George & Helen Thevaos Memorial Fund COE
AUF 293270 Oscar Allen Presidential Expendable - COE COE
AUF 294010 Chem/Physics Expendable CSM
AUF 294020 Jerry S Townsend Scholarship Expendable CSM
AUF 294030 Grover Williams Scholarship Expendable CSM
AUF 294040 Chemistry Assistantship Expendable CSM
AUF 294050 Chess Howard Chemistry/Physics Expendable CSM
AUF 294060 Biology Expendable CSM
AUF 294070 C H Vaughan Biology Expendable CSM
AUF 294080 Albert M. & Joyce E. Shaw Scholarship Expendable Fund CSM
AUF 294090 Emil K Urban Student Research Award Expendable CSM
AUF 294100 Cameron Wylds Expendable CSM
AUF 294110 Pamplin- Chemistry & Physics Expendable CSM
AUF 294120 Pamplin- Math & Computer Science Expendable CSM
AUF 294130 Pamplin- Biology Expendable CSM
AUF 294140 Pamplin- Military Science Expendable CSM
AUF 294220 Dustin Hayden Scholarship CSM
AUF 295010 William T Maxwell Expendable HCOB
AUF 295020 Paul B Bailey Expendable HCOB
AUF 295030 Sherman Drawdy Assistantship Expendable HCOB
AUF 295040 NW Mutual Financial Network Scholarship Expendable HCOB
AUF 295050 Henry Flaherty Assistantship Program Expendable HCOB
AUF 295060 Clay Flanders Scholarship Expendable HCOB
AUF 295070 Business Deans Fund for Excellence Expendable HCOB
AUF 295080 Betty Friedman Student Assistantship Expendable HCOB
AUF 295090 Cecil R Turner Memorial Scholarship Expendable HCOB
AUF 295100 Russell Blanchard Expendable HCOB
AUF 295110 Schrameck Family Memorial Scholarship Expendable HCOB
AUF 295120 Bill Monge Expendable HCOB
AUF 295130 MIS Expendable HCOB
AUF 295140 Hull College of Business Expendable HCOB
AUF 295150 Georgia Bank & Trust Expendable HCOB
AUF 295160 Knox School of Accountancy Expendable HCOB
AUF 295170 Charles H D Williamson Expendable HCOB
AUF 295180 Phi Kappa Phi Expendable HCOB
AUF 295190 Wachovia Expendable HCOB
AUF 295200 Hull COB Knox Scholars Expendable HCOB
AUF 295210 First Citizens Foundation Expendable HCOB
AUF 295220 SRNS Expendable HCOB
AUF 295230 J Porter Adams Scholarship Fund Expendable HCOB
AUF 295240 Tax Slayer Expendable HCOB
AUF 281350 Coca-Cola Bottling Company United Scholarship Fund General Scholarships
AUF 280280 Stewart Wiggins Loan Expendable General
AUF 280290 Nancy L Moses Emergency Loan Exp General
AUF 281370 Cynthia Ann McKinney Scholarship Exp General Scholarships
AUF 280300 Isaiah & Justine Washington Trust Exp General
AUF 280310 Dorroh Nowell Expendable General
AUF 281360 Phylis Holliday Mental Health Scholarship Exp General Scholarships
AUF 280320 Eugenia T. Glover Recital Hall Expendable General
AUF 297300 Summerville Callaway Chair General
AUF 298320 AU Athletics Car Allowance Account Athletics
AUF 295370 Harry L. Howard Scholarship in Business Expendable HCOB
AUF 294230 Annual Fund - College of Science and Mathematics Scholarship CSM
AUF 291940 Annual Fund - Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 293280 Annual Fund - College of Education Scholarship COE
AUF 395370 Harry L. Howard Scholarship in Business Endowment HCOB
AUF 295380 Annual Fund - Hull College of Business Scholarship HCOB
AUF 291950 Mary S Byrd Art Scholarship Exp Fund CAHSS
AUF 291960 Mary S Byrd Music Scholarship Exp Fund CAHSS
AUF 188890 Reallocated Funds- AUF General
AUF 291970 Storyland Music Scholarship Exp Fund CAHSS
AUF 291980 Storyland Communication Scholarship Exp Fund CAHSS
AUF 393300 Janice R. Roberts Middle School Education Endowment COE
AUF 391990 Lucille Fleischer American Opera & Musical Theatre Instit. at AU End. Fund CAHSS
AUF 281380 Kiwanis Club General Scholarship Fund General Scholarships
AUF 292000 Ralph Walker Scholarship Endowed Expendable Fund CAHSS
AUF 392000 Ralph Walker Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 291990 Lucille Fleischer American Opera & Music Theatre Inst Endowed Expendable Fund CAHSS
AUF 190040 Development Operations Fund Unrestricted
AUF 294250 Military Sciences Discretionary CSM
AUF 393290 Donald B. Brigdon Education Endowed Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 293290 Donald B. Brigdon Education Endowed Scholarship Expendable COE
AUF 293300 Janice R. Roberts Middle School Education Exp. COE
AUF 280350 Student Support Greatest Need General
AUF 280360 Faculty Support Greatest Need General
AUF 190001 President's Gala Unrestricted
AUF 190000 The Greater University Fund - AUF Unrestricted
AUF 292010 Heritage Project General
AUF 392020 Center for Public Service - Immigration Studies Endowment CAHSS
AUF 292020 Center for Public Service - Immigration Studies Expendable CAHSS
AUF 280001 The Greater University Scholarship Fund - AUF General Scholarships
AUF 281001 J Miller Walker Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 381002 Arsenal Oak Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 298000 Augusta University Birdie Club Athletics
AUF 398001 Rhonda and Lloyd Graybeal Women's Golf Scholarship Athletics
AUF 294260 Pamplin - CSM - CURS Student Research Endowment Expendable CSM
AUF 291000 Bailey Creative Writing Program CAHSS
AUF 280003 Greater University Scholarship - Hull COB General Scholarships
AUF 280002 Greater University Financial Need Scholarship - AUF General Scholarships
AUF 297000 Student Emergency Fund General
AUF 381270 Kristen Thompson Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 395000 Edward B. and Estelle Patricia Berry Polite Scholarship Endowment HCOB
AUF 295000 Edward B. and Estelle Patricia Berry Polite Scholarship Expendable HCOB
AUF 297001 AU Faculty Senate - AUF Administrative
AUF 280004 Environmental Services Discretionary Administrative
AUF 198140 Women's Golf Unrestricted Athletics
AUF 295001 TaxSlayer Scholarship HCOB
AUF 293001 Center for Innovation and Community Engagement (CICE) COE
AUF 294000 Pamplin - CSM - Living Learning Community (LLC) CSM
AUF 280030 Cree-Walker Chairs Expendable General
AUF 391950 Mary S Byrd Art Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 391960 Mary S Byrd Music Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 291001 Harris-Horizon Jazz Program CAHSS
AUF 381003 Alvin and Yvette Harris Scholarship End General Scholarships
AUF 281003 Alvin and Yvette Harris Scholarship Exp General Scholarships
AUF 297002 Experiential Learning General
AUF 394001 W. Harold Moon Scholarship End CSM
AUF 294001 W. Harold Moon Scholarship Exp CSM
AUF 291002 Augusta University Friends of Music Fund CAHSS
AUF 396000 Naomi S. Monge Scholarship END CON
AUF 296000 Naomi S. Monge Scholarship EXP CON
AUF 280005 Auxiliary Services - Food Services General
AUF 280311 Twin Gables Historic Restoration Administrative
AUF 280006 AU-American Heart Walk Hospital/Clinics
AUF 394002 Dean Rickey Hick's CSM Memorial Scholarship Endowment CSM
AUF 294002 Dean Rickey Hick's CSM Memorial Scholarship CSM
AUF 393002 Gayle Simms Lee Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 293002 Gayle Simms Lee Scholarship Endowment Exp. COE
AUF 297004 Academic Success Center General
AUF 281002 Arsenal Oak Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 381004 Brian Mulherin Community Service Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
AUF 281004 Brian Mulherin Community Service Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 391003 Richard V. Dillenbeck Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 291003 Richard V. Dillenbeck Scholarship Expendable CAHSS
AUF 281000 Hope PLUS Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 281005 Rowan Elijah Feldhaus Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 280312 Twin Gables Grounds Administrative
AUF 381006 Helen Callahan Scholarship General Scholarships
AUF 281006 Helen Callahan Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
AUF 190010 General Unrestricted AUF Unrestricted
AUF 294003 University Scholars Program CSM
AUF 281007 REACH Scholarship General Scholarships
GHSF 214120 Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund CAHS
GHSF 211490 Family Medicine Department MCG
GHSF 211500 Georgia Cancer Center MCG
GHSF 211510 Cellular Biology and Anatomy MCG
GHSF 211520 Pediatric Cardiology MCG
GHSF 200130 Environmental Health and Safety Administrative
GHSF 210013 Biostatistic Expendable MCG
GHSF 211530 Neurosurgery Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211550 Neurosurgery Resident Education MCG
GHSF 211560 MCG Students' Health Clinic for the Homeless MCG
GHSF 211570 Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Center MCG
GHSF 200140 Center for Patient and Family Centered Care (CPFCC) Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 212190 Dental College of Georgia Faculty Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 213150 Nursing Student Scholarship Fund CON
GHSF 213160 Dr. Lenette Burrell Nurse Educator Scholarship Fund CON
GHSF 211580 Department of Physiology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211590 GUARD Fund MCG
GHSF 211600 Wilderness Medicine Fund MCG
GHSF 211610 Chairman's Fund MCG
GHSF 211620 International Medicine Fund MCG
GHSF 213170 The Otto and Marguerite Mertins Memorial Scholarship Exp. CON
GHSF 310630 Charles H. Wray MCG Student Scholarship Endowment MCG
GHSF 211110 Dept. of Psychiatry and Health Behavior MCG
GHSF 211130 Pediatrics Education and Development MCG
GHSF 211140 Neurology Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211150 E. James McCranie M.D. Psychiatry & Human Behavior Exp MCG
GHSF 212070 Department of Endodontics Fund DCG
GHSF 310860 Wiley S. Black, M.D. & Judy S. Black MCG/CON Scholarship Endow. Fund MCG
GHSF 214030 Julia R. Crowley Leadership Recognition Expendable CAHS
GHSF 211160 Center for Molecular Chaperone/Radiobiology & Cancer Virolog MCG
GHSF 216010 AU Histocompatibility Laboratory Expansion Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 313220 CON Lifetime Membership Endowment CON
GHSF 211170 Transplantation Research-Mason Trust MCG
GHSF 219000 Homecoming General
GHSF 313050 AU Health Nursing Scholars Endowment Fund CON
GHSF 213050 AU Health Excellence in Nursing Education Fund CON
GHSF 213060 Nursing Anesthesia Fund CON
GHSF 213010 Rebecca Andrews Scholarship Award CON
GHSF 213070 Healthy Grandparents CON
GHSF 213080 Good Samaritan House Fund CON
GHSF 313170 The Otto and Marguerite Mertins Memorial Scholarship Endowment CON
GHSF 211640 Pulmonary Vascular Disease MCG
GHSF 211650 Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship Education MCG
GHSF 200150 John F. Beard Award General
GHSF 211660 Pediatrics HIV Program MCG
GHSF 211670 Orthopedic Spine Program MCG
GHSF 211680 Porubsky Resident Education Fund MCG
GHSF 211690 Rhinology Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211700 Otology Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211710 Terris Research Fund MCG
GHSF 212160 Dental College of Georgia Oral Biology Fund DCG
GHSF 200160 Continuing Education Expendable Administrative
GHSF 211720 Laryngology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211730 Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology MCG
GHSF 200170 VP for External Affairs Administrative
GHSF 211740 Center for Biotechnology & Genomic Medicine MCG
GHSF 200180 Wellness Center Fund General
GHSF 200190 Provost Expendable Fund General
GHSF 211750 Diabetes and Obesity Discovery Institute MCG
GHSF 213180 Helene Fuld Clinical Nurse Leader Program Expansion CON
GHSF 211760 J. Harold Harrison, M.D. Education Commons Building Fund General
GHSF 211770 MCG Scholarship Fund MCG
GHSF 212210 Thomas P. Hinman Scholarship DCG
GHSF 212230 Dr. Jeannie H. Moran Scholarship Expendable DCG
GHSF 100010 General Unrestricted Fund Unrestricted
GHSF 200020 President's Innovation Fund General
GHSF 212010 Dental College of Georgia Building Fund DCG
GHSF 211200 Alumni Association/Medicine MCG
GHSF 212200 Dental College of Georgia Alumni Association DCG
GHSF 213200 Alumni Association/Nursing CON
GHSF 214200 Alumni Association/Allied Health Sciences CAHS
GHSF 215200 Alumni Association/Graduate Studies COGS
GHSF 216000 AUHealth Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 211030 Radiology Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211000 MCG Dean's Innovation Fund MCG
GHSF 212000 Dental College of Georgia Dean's Innovation Fund DCG
GHSF 213000 College of Nursing Dean's Fund CON
GHSF 214000 College of Allied Health Dean's Fund CAHS
GHSF 215000 The Graduate School Dean's Fund COGS
GHSF 312230 Dr. Jeannie H. Moran Scholarship Endowment DCG
GHSF 200030 Tollison Garden Expendable Fund General
GHSF 200240 MCG Faculty & Spouse Club Scholarship Fund Administrative
GHSF 212040 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery DCG
GHSF 212050 Dental College of Georgia General Scholarships Fund DCG
GHSF 212060 Dental College of Georgia Graduate Practice Residency Program Fund DCG
GHSF 213020 College of Nursing Simulated Learning Innovations CON
GHSF 214020 Medical Illustration CAHS
GHSF 211040 Sydenstricker Society MCG
GHSF 211050 Gramling Scholarship MCG
GHSF 311060 Curtis F. Veal Sr. End. for Alzheimer's Research MCG
GHSF 211070 Carol F. Meyer Allergy-Immunology Fellow MCG
GHSF 211090 MCG OB/GYN Department Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 213090 Biobehavioral Nursing Department Fund CON
GHSF 213110 Physiological and Technological Nursing Department Fund CON
GHSF 211180 Pediatric Surgery MCG
GHSF 214010 Physical Therapy Fund CAHS
GHSF 214040 Biomedical & Radiological Technologies Fund CAHS
GHSF 214050 Health Informatics Fund CAHS
GHSF 214060 Dental Hygiene Fund CAHS
GHSF 214070 Physician Assistant Fund CAHS
GHSF 200050 VP for Student Services & Development Fund General
GHSF 200060 Chief Information Officer Exp. Fund Administrative
GHSF 200070 VP for Instruction & Enrollment Mgt, Assoc Provost for Acad General
GHSF 200080 AU Arts Council Fund General
GHSF 200090 VP of Development General
GHSF 200100 VP for Strategic Support Administrative
GHSF 200110 GA War Veterans Nursing Home Exp. Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 211020 Experimental Medicine Fund MCG
GHSF 211190 Operational Medicine MCG
GHSF 216040 Children's Heart Program Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216050 CHOG Facility & Clinical Operations Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216060 Georgia Cancer Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216080 Children's Hospital of Georgia Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216090 CHOG Child Life Expendable Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216100 AU Emergency Assistance Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216120 Hospital Development and Professional Education Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216130 Development Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216140 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Renovation Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 211210 Ophthalmology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211230 Dermatology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211240 Endocrinology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211250 Gastroenterology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211260 General Internal Medicine MCG
GHSF 211270 Hematology/Oncology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211280 Infectious Disease MCG
GHSF 213120 CONAT Excellence in Education Fund CON
GHSF 211310 Rheumatology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211320 Cardiology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211330 Department of Medicine General Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 212020 Department of General Dentistry DCG
GHSF 212080 Department of Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences Fund DCG
GHSF 212100 Department of Restorative Sciences DCG
GHSF 212110 Department of Orthodontics Fund DCG
GHSF 212120 Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program Fund DCG
GHSF 212130 Department of Pediatric Dentistry Fund DCG
GHSF 212140 Department of Periodontics Fund DCG
GHSF 212150 Department of Prosthodontics Residency Program DCG
GHSF 212170 Michael R. Carr, DMD Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 212180 Give a Smile Program DCG
GHSF 211340 Vascular Biology MCG
GHSF 211350 Education Innovation Institute MCG
GHSF 211360 Pathology General Expendable MCG
GHSF 211370 Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics (IMMAG) MCG
GHSF 200120 Institutional Audit and Compliance Administrative
GHSF 214080 Respiratory Therapy Fund CAHS
GHSF 214090 Occupational Therapy Fund CAHS
GHSF 214100 Art Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund CAHS
GHSF 211380 Neurology Stroke Program Fund MCG
GHSF 211390 Neurology Multiple Sclerosis Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211400 Neurology Movement Disorders Program Fund MCG
GHSF 211410 Neurology Alzheimer's Program Fund MCG
GHSF 211420 Neurology Epilepsy Program Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 211430 Child Neurology Expendable MCG
GHSF 213130 Nursing Student Toolbox CON
GHSF 213140 Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation Scholarship CON
GHSF 214110 Jessie O. Brown Scholarship Fund CAHS
GHSF 211440 Georgia Prevention Center MCG
GHSF 211450 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology MCG
GHSF 211460 Camp Rainbow-Pediatrics Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 211470 Cystic Fibrosis Center-Pediatrics MCG
GHSF 212090 Dental College of Georgia Dental Materials Section Fund DCG
GHSF 211910 Orthopedic Spine Program Expendable MCG
GHSF 213210 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing Scholarship CON
GHSF 211920 HIV/AIDS Program Support MCG
GHSF 211930 Armand M. Karow Jr. Pharmacology Scholarship Expendable MCG
GHSF 311930 Armand M. Karow Jr. Pharmacology Scholarship Endowment MCG
GHSF 211960 Pediatric Rheumatology MCG
GHSF 216150 GHS Tamara Cundey Dunstan Memorial Expendable Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 211970 Anesthesiology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211980 Culver Vision Science Discovery Institute MCG
GHSF 312200 CDMAA Lifetime Membership DCG
GHSF 211990 Donald M. Sherline, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology Expendable MCG
GHSF 210990 Virendra B. Mahesh Lectureship and Graduate Student Award MCG
GHSF 210970 Dr. John Scott Coleman Lecture MCG
GHSF 210960 FHG Armstrong Foundation Expendable for Adult Stem Cell Rese MCG
GHSF 313350 Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Farren Pond Scholarship CON
GHSF 210950 Curtis G. Hames, M.D. Chair in Family Medicine Expendable MCG
GHSF 210940 GAFP Joseph W. Tollison, M.D. Distinguished Chair in Family MCG
GHSF 210930 Hames Family Practice Expendable MCG
GHSF 210920 Ollie O. McGahee Jr., M.D. Professorship in Family Medicine MCG
GHSF 300240 MCG Faculty and Spouse Scholarship Endowment General Scholarships
GHSF 210870 Pediatric Chair Fund MCG
GHSF 210860 Wiley S. Black, M.D. and Judy Seitz Black MCG Scholarship Fund MCG
GHSF 200250 Lee Auditoria Signage Fund General
GHSF 214140 Low Vision Fund CAHS
GHSF 210840 Cancer Immunotherapy MCG
GHSF 210850 Max Trias Raise the Bar Foundation MCG
GHSF 212270 Dr. Emile T. Fisher Scholarship DCG
GHSF 312290 Dr. George and Mrs. Betty Schuster Scholarship Endowment Fund DCG
GHSF 210830 Wanda Harper Memorial MCG
GHSF 210820 MCG Class of 1960 Student Research MCG
GHSF 212300 Periodontics Residency Patient Assistance DCG
GHSF 214260 CAHS Lifetime Membership CAHS
GHSF 213270 Athens Regional Medical Center Clinical Nurse Leader CON
GHSF 213280 Lore Rogers Memorial Scholarship Expendable CON
GHSF 313280 Lore Rogers Memorial Scholarship Endowment CON
GHSF 200260 AU Public Safety Fund Administrative
GHSF 210800 Stem Cell Research for Cerebral Palsy Fund MCG
GHSF 210790 Cord Blood Transplantation Project Fund MCG
GHSF 210780 ALS Program MCG
GHSF 210770 Neuropsychology Research MCG
GHSF 313160 Dr. Lenette O. Burrell Nurse Educator Scholarship Endowment CON
GHSF 213320 EZ Agape Foundation Nursing Scholarship Exp. Fund CON
GHSF 313320 EZ Agape Foundation Nursing Scholarship End. Fund CON
GHSF 210760 Brain & Behavior Discovery Institute MCG
GHSF 200270 Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarships General Scholarships
GHSF 199990 Suspense/Pending Fund General
GHSF 210740 Department of Surgery Resident and Fellowship Fund MCG
GHSF 212310 Cervi Cusco Fund (Peru Dental Clinic) DCG
GHSF 210730 Global MCG Fund MCG
GHSF 215020 Brann Alumni Scholarship Fund COGS
GHSF 210720 White Coat Connection Program Fund MCG
GHSF 313410 Ralph W. and Harriet H. McAfee Military Nursing Fund CON
GHSF 210710 Immuno Discovery Institute MCG
GHSF 210700 Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Research Fund MCG
GHSF 213350 Betty Pond Expendable Fund CON
GHSF 210680 Class of 1982 Debbie Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Fund MCG
GHSF 210670 Section of Urology General Fund MCG
GHSF 210660 The BCSN, Inc. Breast Cancer Research Fund MCG
GHSF 312340 Dr. Jackie Weatherred Memorial Scholarship Endowment DCG
GHSF 212340 Dr. Jackie Weatherred Memorial Scholarship Expendable DCG
GHSF 213360 CON Global Health Trip Fund CON
GHSF 212240 David R. Myers Student Dental Education DCG
GHSF 200200 CSRA Scholarship Fund General Scholarships
GHSF 212250 Dr. Dolly Hearn Scholarship DCG
GHSF 213190 Helene Fuld Baccalaureate Nursing Student Scholarship CON
GHSF 313190 Helene Fuld Baccalaureate Nursing Student Scholarship Endowment CON
GHSF 211780 Predictive Preventive Medicine Research MCG
GHSF 211790 Vincent J.B. Robinson, MD Cardiology Research and Education MCG
GHSF 200210 Greenblatt Library General
GHSF 211800 Ahlquist Pharmacology MCG
GHSF 211810 Cardiovascular Pharmacology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211820 Betty B. Wray, M.D. Chair MCG
GHSF 211830 Chester T. Stafford Allergy-Immunology Society MCG
GHSF 211840 John E. Moffitt Allergy-Immunology Support MCG
GHSF 200230 Regents' President's Choice Scholarship General Scholarships
GHSF 211860 Center for Telehealth MCG
GHSF 213250 St. Mary's Health Care Clinical Nurse Leader CON
GHSF 211870 Joe Tsien Research MCG
GHSF 214130 Scott Waddell Scholarship CAHS
GHSF 211880 C. Lawrence Lutcher MD Chair in Hematology-Oncology MCG
GHSF 211890 James B. Hudson Nephrology Expendable MCG
GHSF 211900 Pediatric Sickle Cell Clinic MCG
GHSF 210640 The Breast Cancer Research Fund MCG
GHSF 216160 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation Mammogram Access Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210630 Charles H. Wray MCG Student Scholarship Expendable MCG
GHSF 212290 Dr. George and Mrs. Betty Schuster Scholarship Expendable Fund DCG
GHSF 313390 Layman Family Scholarship Endowment CON
GHSF 213390 Layman Family Scholarship Expendable CON
GHSF 210620 Jerry J. Buccafusco Graduate Student Travel Award Fund MCG
GHSF 210610 White Coat Scholarship Fund MCG
GHSF 213380 AU Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Fund CON
GHSF 213400 Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund CON
GHSF 210600 Bruce V. MacFadyen, M.D. Surgical Volunteerism & Research MCG
GHSF 214150 Bill Stenstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund CAHS
GHSF 200280 Child Care Center Expendable Fund Administrative
GHSF 310570 Candler County Physicians Scholarship Endowment MCG
GHSF 210570 Candler County Physicians Scholarship Fund MCG
GHSF 210580 Let's Cure CP Cell Research Fund for Brain Injury and Disease MCG
GHSF 213410 Ralph W. and Harriet H. McAfee Military Nursing Fund Exp CON
GHSF 310610 White Coat Scholarship Endowment Fund MCG
GHSF 216110 Breast Cancer Support Group Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216170 AU Employee Charity Assistance Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216180 Sodomka Patient Family Centered Care Education Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216190 The Denise Tuten Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 213420 Trailblazer Award CON
GHSF 210550 Pediatric Critical Care Fund MCG
GHSF 214160 Asthma and Environmental Management Expendable Fund CAHS
GHSF 313400 Class of 1972 Endowment Fund CON
GHSF 213440 Frances Price Scholarship Fund CON
GHSF 212350 Dentists for Della DCG
GHSF 212360 Emile Fisher Charitable Gift Annuity Fund DCG
GHSF 212370 Pioneer Research Award in Oral Biology DCG
GHSF 210540 MD/PhD Program Fund MCG
GHSF 210530 Newborn Possibilities Fund MCG
GHSF 212380 DCG Business & Finance Office Fund DCG
GHSF 212390 Center for Esthetic & Implant Dentistry Fund DCG
GHSF 210520 Michael A. Edwards, M.D. Research Fund MCG
GHSF 310490 Brennan Simkins Pediatric Leukemia Research Endowment Fund MCG
GHSF 210490 Brennan Simkins Pediatric Leukemia Research Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 217000 Simowitz Fund for Macular Degeneration MCG
GHSF 216200 Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Patient Assistance Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210500 Skull Base Academic Fund MCG
GHSF 213450 The Dr. Susan Alden Award Exp. CON
GHSF 313450 The Dr. Susan Alden Award CON
GHSF 213460 Miss Skelly's Support for Success Fund CON
GHSF 210480 Robert K. Yu Laboratory Fund MCG
GHSF 200290 Diversity and Inclusion Administrative
GHSF 313480 Mary E. Conway, Ph.D. Minority Scholarship CON
GHSF 216210 Cancer Center Library Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216220 Safe Kids Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216230 GRHS Family Support Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 316180 Sodomka Patient Family Centered Care Education Endowment Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216250 Camp Strong Heart Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216260 Camp Sweet Life Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216270 Camp Joint Venture Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216280 Children's Hospital Nursing Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216290 Medical Center Refresh Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216320 Greatest Need Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216300 Children's Miracle Network Hospital Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216310 Pediatrics Wish List Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216330 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216340 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216350 Share and Care Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210470 Research Fund MCG
GHSF 216370 Kohl's Cares Community Education Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210460 Cardio Vascular Research Fund MCG
GHSF 216380 A Dollar For A Dad Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 213490 Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair Fund CON
GHSF 213500 Lincoln Health Care Foundation Clinical Nurse Leader Scholarship CON
GHSF 216390 New Camp Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216400 Pediatric Pharmacy Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 214170 Institute of Public and Preventive Health (IPPH) CAHS
GHSF 216410 Pajama Run Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210450 Institute of Regenerative and Reparative Medicine (IRRM) MCG
GHSF 210440 The Culver Vision Discovery Institute Exp. Fund MCG
GHSF 210430 Center for Telehealth Consulting Services MCG
GHSF 216420 Monster Bash Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216430 Pediatric Outpatient Infusion Room Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 213510 CONAT Support Fund CON
GHSF 210420 Obesity Intervention Program MCG
GHSF 310410 Williams - Jorman Academic Award MCG
GHSF 214180 Augusta Area Asthma Camp Fund CAHS
GHSF 200300 MCG Outreach & Education Fund General
GHSF 310400 Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) Endowment Fund MCG
GHSF 213860 Wiley S. Black, M.D. and Judy Seitz Black College of Nursing Scholarship CON
GHSF 214190 Randy Baker Respiratory Therapy Student Support Fund CAHS
GHSF 210380 Possibilities Golf Tournament Fund MCG
GHSF 216440 Ronald McDonald House Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 200310 AU Tree Fund General
GHSF 212410 Thomas P. Hinman Educational Fund DCG
GHSF 312410 Thomas P. Hinman Educational Endowment Fund DCG
GHSF 216450 Georgia Cancer Center Music Therapy Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 214210 Donald E. Maner and Carbon T. Stewart Physician Assistant Scholarship CAHS
GHSF 200320 AU Presidential Scholarship Fund General Scholarships
GHSF 200330 Augusta University Employee Advisory Council Fund Administrative
GHSF 213520 Patricia A. Wozniak College of Nursing Scholarship and Support Expendable CON
GHSF 200340 Augusta University Alumni Association General
GHSF 216460 Georgia Cancer Center Image Boutique Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 212420 Dr. Don Spillers Family Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 212430 Kirk and Julie Kimmerling Dental Research and Resident Education Fund DCG
GHSF 212440 Jack W. Carter, D.D.S. Orthodontic Lecture Series DCG
GHSF 312440 Jack W. Carter, D.D.S. Orthodontic Lecture Series Endowment DCG
GHSF 200350 Augusta University Confucius Institute General
GHSF 216470 Augusta University Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology Patient Services Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 214220 Wendy Cline Paschal Service From The Heart Physician Assistant Scholarship Fund CAHS
GHSF 200370 IPPH Programs and Community Initiatives General
GHSF 200380 AU Leadership Academy General
GHSF 300390 Dr. Kamla Shah Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund General Scholarships
GHSF 200390 Dr. Kamla Shah Foundation Scholarship Fund General Scholarships
GHSF 212450 Children's Dental Services Fund DCG
GHSF 216480 United Way Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 199980 Reallocated Funds- GHSF General
GHSF 212280 Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 210400 Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) Expendable Fund MCG
GHSF 200400 Cancer Center Capital General
GHSF 300410 Dr. Ricardo Azziz Presidential Scholarship General Scholarships
GHSF 200420 AU Designated Projects Exp General
GHSF 314230 Art Taft Student Scholarship Endowment CAHS
GHSF 214230 Art Taft Student Scholarship Expendable CAHS
GHSF 314100 Art Hardy Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund CAHS
GHSF 216490 Press On Translational Pediatric Oncology Program Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 200430 Buildings and Renovations General
GHSF 100000 The Greater University Fund - GHSF Unrestricted
GHSF 217010 Cyber Outreach SOCCS
GHSF 217011 Cyber Operations SOCCS
GHSF 313420 Trailblazer Award Endowment CON
GHSF 210005 Cannonball Kids Cancer Research Fund MCG
GHSF 316002 Dean and Aileen Chinberg Childlife Endowment Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 217001 The Greater University Scholarship Fund - GHSF General Scholarships
GHSF 210001 Polatty Family Innovative Cancer Research Fund MCG
GHSF 314002 Andrew and Louise Balas Global Health Endowed Scholarship CAHS
GHSF 314001 Layman Family Allied Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship CAHS
GHSF 214002 Andrew and Louise Balas Global Health Endowed Scholarship - Expend. CAHS
GHSF 214001 Layman Family Allied Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship - Expend. CAHS
GHSF 210002 AU Cancer Center Integrative Medicine Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216004 Rural Hospital Task Force Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210003 Stroke Research Fund MCG
GHSF 210004 The Cecil Herrin Men's Cancer Awareness Walk Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216003 Jaguar Miracle Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210006 Sol J Hazan Charitable Gift Annuity Expendable MCG
GHSF 210007 Carlos and Marguerite Mason Solid Organ Transplant Center Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 312001 Dr. Joseph M. Greene, Jr. Memorial Lectureship Fund DCG
GHSF 210008 Hardy Wylie Glioblastoma Fund MCG
GHSF 210009 Peilan and Chingtao Fund for Retrotransposon Research MCG
GHSF 310010 Dean and Aileen Chinberg Pediatric Cancer Research Endowment Fund MCG
GHSF 216002 Dean and Aileen Chinberg Childlife Expendable Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210011 Breast Cancer Education, Awareness, and Support MCG
GHSF 216005 AUMC Nursing Education Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 216001 Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation & Specialty Hospital Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 313001 Marlene M. Rosenkoetter Research Award Endowment CON
GHSF 213001 Marlene M. Rosenkoetter Research Award Expendable CON
GHSF 216006 Cardiology - Hospital Operations Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 210012 Neurology Resident Education MCG
GHSF 200220 AU Faculty Senate - GHSF General
GHSF 312002 Layman Family Dental College of Georgia Scholarship Endowment DCG
GHSF 210014 Pediatric Immunotherapy MCG
GHSF 200440 AU Employee Recognition Program Administrative
GHSF 212002 Layman Family Dental College of Georgia Scholarship Exp DCG
GHSF 313002 Marion, Cromer, Layman Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Scholarship End CON
GHSF 213002 Marion, Cromer, Layman Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Scholarship Exp CON
GHSF 210015 Cecil Herrin Men's Cancer Support Fund Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 310015 Cecil Herrin Endowment MCG
GHSF 210016 Bollag Research Fund MCG
GHSF 312003 Dr. Carol A. Lefebvre and Mr. Kevin P. Corbin Endowment DCG
GHSF 212003 Dr. Carol A. Lefebvre and Mr. Kevin P. Corbin Endowment Exp DCG
GHSF 213003 Costa Layman Farms Health Fair CON
GHSF 216007 Hospital Quality Award Hospital/Clinics
GHSF 310018 Bernadine Edwards Cancer Research END MCG
GHSF 210018 Bernadine Edwards Cancer Research EXP MCG
GHSF 210019 Prostate Cancer Research MCG
GHSF 200001 Volunteer Services-Volunteer Support General
GHSF 200002 Volunteer Services-General Expenses General
GHSF 210020 Center for Ultrasound Education MCG
GHSF 210021 CICS Sonora Cancer Research Center MCG
GHSF 100003 Office of Advancement Unrestricted
GHSF 217002 Cyber Georgia SOCCS
GHSF 200410 Ricardo Azziz Presidential Scholarship Expendable General Scholarships
GHSF 210410 Williams - Jorman Academic Award Expendable MCG
GHSF 213480 Mary E. Conway, Ph.D. Minority Scholarship Expendable CON
GHSF 218000 Hull McKnight Georgia Cyber Training & Innovation Center Facility SOCCS
GHSF 314030 Julia R. Crowley Leadership Recognition Endowment CAHS
GHSF 310022 Dr. Arthur W. and Suzanne S. Willis Endowed Chair End. MCG
GHSF 210022 Dr. Arthur W. and Suzanne S. Willis Endowed Chair Exp. MCG
GHSF 210010 Dean and Aileen Chinberg Pediatric Cancer Research Expendable Fund MCG

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