Center for Clinical & Translational Craniofacial Research


Center for Clinical & Translational Craniofacial Research 

The Center for Clinical & Translational Craniofacial Research has the goal of bridging basic science research and clinical applications. Its main component is the Clinical Research Clinic with approximately 3,500 square feet and composed of six clinical and surgical operatories, laboratory space for biological sampling and storage, recovery room and interview/data collection room. The Translational/Clinical Research cluster provides the ideal environment for investigators to perform hypothesis generating clinical studies and randomized clinical trials testing new therapies.


The mission of the CCTCR is to promote clinical and translational research with relevance to craniofacial and oral health; to provide a dedicated environment conducive to collaborative and interdisciplinary clinical/translational research where discovery may happen within the Augusta University Dental College of Georgia.


The CCTCR is intended to be a venue for clinical and translational research providing resources, personnel, support and training. Depending on the research project the CCTCR may provide different levels of support including protocol development, infrastructure, logistics, data entry/processing and auxiliary personnel.

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