Augusta University College of Dental Research Faculty

Dental College of Georgia Research Faculty

Augusta University Dental College of Georgia is dedicated to basic and applied scientific research to promote oral and systemic health.  Our research faculty have expertise in laboratory and clinical analysis which lead to a wide array of scientific innovations. 

 Rafik Abdelsayed
DDS; 1993; Indiana University - Purdue University
MS; 1990; Indiana University - Purdue University
BDS; 1980; Cairo University

Research Keywords: precancerous lesions and oral cancer

 Worku Abebe
PHD; 1990; University of British Columbia
MS; 1981; University of Bradford
BS; 1974; Haile Selassie I University

Research Keywords:  diabetes, vascular biology, lipid signaling mediators, dental materials, taurine, adensoine, and herbal medicine

 Mohamed Al-Shabrawey
PHD; 1999; Mansoura University
MBCHB; 1989; Mansoura University
MS; 1994; Mansoura University

Research Keywords:  diabetic retinopathy

Dr. Roger Arce
 Roger Arce
PHD; 2011; University of North Carolina
DDS; 2000; La Universidad del Valle
MS; 2006; La Universidad del Valle

Research Keywords: Periodontal disease, Systemic diseases, Dental Implants, Periodontal research, Dental education.

 Babak Baban
PHD; 1998; University of London
MBA; 2008; Augusta State University
MS; 1992; Tehran Univ of Medical Science
BS; 1989; Urmia University

Research Keywords:  Immunoregulation, Tregs, inflammation, Stem cells, tolerance

Martha Brackett
DDS; 2002; University of Nebraska Medical
MS; 1991; Indiana University - Purdue Univeristy

Research Keywords:   Biomaterials, clinical restorations, biocompatibility


 Allison Buchanan

DMD; 2005; Medical College of Georgia
BS; 2000; Newberry College

 Research Keywords: Cone beam computed tomography or CBCT, Radiology, Digital imaging, disinfection

 Christopher Cutler
PHD; 1990; Emory University
DDS; 1986; Emory University
BS; 1982; Florida Atlantic University

Keywords: Dentritic Cells, Periodontitis, Peri-implantitis, Perio-Systemic, Biomarkers 

Ahmed El-Marakby
PHD; 2004; Medical College of Georgia
MS; 1998; Mansoura University
BS; 1993; Mansoura University

Research Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, renal injury, cytochrome P450 metabolites, Hemeoxygenase, Inflammatory cytokines

Mohammed El-Salanty
PHD; 2004; Baylor College of Dentistry
MD; 1994; Cairo University

Research Keywords:  Bone regeneration, craniofacial reconstruction, bone, dental

Stephen Hsu
PHD; 1991; University of Cincinnati
MA; 1985; Montclair State University
BS; 1982; Wuhan University

Research Keywords:  Green tea, dry mouth, Sjogren's syndrome, autoimmune, EGCG

 Sajitha Menon Kalathingal
BDS; 1995; Mangalore University
MS; 2005; University of North Carolina

Research Keywords: Digital imaging, cone beam computed tomography, radiographs, photostimulable phosphor plates

Zoya Kurago
PHD; 1997; University of Iowa
DDS; 1989; University of North Carolina

Research Keywords: Cancer, Natural Killer Cells, Dentritic Cells, Pathology

Regina Messer
PHD; 1999; University of Alabama at Birmingham
MSBE; 1993; University of Alabama at Birmimgham
BS; 1990; University of Tennessee

Research Keywords:  Biomaterials, bone, biomechanics, inflammation, blue light, mechanobiology, bioreactors 

Mahmood Mozaffari
DMD; 1991; University of Alabama at Birmi
PHD; 1988; University of South Alabama
BS; 1984; University of South Alabama
BS; 1982; East Carolina University

Research Keywords:  Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart, Kidney, Ischemia-reperfusion, Oxidative stress, Inflammation, Taurine, Salivary gland

David Pashley
DMD; 1964; Univ of Oregon
PHD; 1964; University Of Rochester School
BS; 1960; University of Portland

Research Keywords:  Dentin MMPs, MMP-inhibitions, inactivation of dentin MMPs, quaternary ammonium methacrylates

 Frederick Rueggeberg
DDS; 1979; Emory University
MS; 1987; University of Michigan Ann Arbor
BS; 1974; University of Delaware

Research Keywords:  Curing lights, biomaterials, Dental biomaterials

Mohamed Sharawy
PHD; 1970; University of Rochester
BDS; 1962; Cairo Univ - Sch of Dentistry

Research Keywords:  Bone, Temporomandibular disorders, implant

Cristiano Susin 
PHD; 2004; University of Bergen (UiB)
MS; 1999; Lutheran University of Brazil
BS; 1997; Federal Univ of Rio Grande

Research Keywords:  Peridontal disease 


 Amany Tawfik  
MSc; 1999; Mansoura University
MD; 1992; Mansoura University

 Research Keywords:  diabetic retinopathy, retina, homocysteine, oxidative and ER stress 

Franklin Tay
PHD; 1998; University of Hong Kong
BS; 1981; University of Queensland

Research Keywords:  Biomineralization, Biomimetic, Collagen, Apatite, Silica  

Yong Tang
PHD; 2007; Sun Yat-sen University
BS; 2001; Yangzhou University

 Research Keywords:  Cancer, metastsis, tumor microenvironment. zebrafish

 Gary Whitford
DMD; 1975; Medical College of Georgia
PHD; 1971; University of Rochester
MS; 1969; University of Rochester
BS; 1965; University of Rochester

 Research Keywords:  Fluoride, analytical methods, metabolism, toxicity

Ulf Wikesjo
DMD; 2005; Temple University
PHD; 1991; Lund University
DDS; 1973; Lund University

Research Keywords: Periodontal disease, implant, regenerative medicine