Emergency Dental Care

The Emergency Dental Clinic is open weekdays for patients who are in severe pain or have signs/symptoms of a dental infection. This clinic is not intended to provide routine dental care. The availability of emergency appointments is determined by the schedules of the dental students; therefore, the volume of patients treated and the appointment times may vary. When dental students are not scheduled in clinics (exam weeks and student breaks), emergency services are only provided for patients of record (those currently receiving treatment here). Patients are seen by appointment only and no walk-in Emergency Services are available. Please advise staff if the patient is non-English speaking or hearing impaired. Interpreter services may require advance scheduling.

Patients with a dental emergency should call (706) 721-2371 promptly at 8 a.m. (Monday through Friday) to request an appointment. Calls are answered in the order they are received beginning at 8 a.m. Patients are seen in the order of their appointment; however, certain dental conditions may be given priority.

A $100 deposit is required when the patient arrives for their appointment, but the actual fee may be higher or lower depending on the treatment provided. Rendering of emergency care in no way obligates The Dental College of Georgia to assume responsibility for further treatment. If additional care is indicated following emergency treatment, patients must follow the usual screening procedures to qualify for comprehensive care.


Emergency dental care for patients currently receiving treatment here:
Dental emergencies that occur on evenings, weekends, holidays, and other days when the Dental College is closed, may be seen through the Emergency Department at the Augusta University Medical Center. The patient should contact their assigned dental resident or student who may coordinate their after-hours treatment. If the patient is unable to reach their assigned dental resident or student, the patient should call Augusta University Emergency Services at (706) 721-3893 and tell the operator they are a patient of the Dental College and have a dental emergency. The patient should also tell the responding dental resident that they are a current patient. Emergency treatment will be accomplished in the Augusta University Medical Center. Patients may be charged by the Augusta University Medical Center for these services.

Emergency dental care for patients NOT currently receiving treatment here:
Call your regular dentist, or go to the nearest Emergency Room. Patients seen in the Augusta University Medical Center will be charged for these services.