About Us

The Dental College of Georgia

The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University is the state’s sole dental college. Established in 1969, the DCG now provides education and training for more than 300 dental students and approximately 60 residents per year. Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, the college is committed to growing in its purpose of teaching, patient care, research and service. Our programs are designed to prepare successful oral health professionals for practice in public, private or educational settings. Several degree programs are offered to students including a Doctor of Dental Medicine, a Master of Science in Oral Biology, and an accelerated dual-degree Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine. Since inception, we have graduated nearly 2,500 dentists who are now providing oral healthcare in Georgia and around the world. To learn more about becoming a student at The Dental College of Georgia, click here.


Our mission is to educate dentists in order to improve overall health and reduce the burden of illness in society through the discovery and application of knowledge that embraces craniofacial health and disease prevention. In addition to offering a high-quality dental education in our state-of-the-art facilities, The Dental College of Georgia provides care to nearly 50,000 patients each year, some traveling a distance of two hours or more to be treated by our students, residents and faculty. Many return because of the excellent care which stems from the thorough training led by our outstanding faculty. To learn more about becoming a patient at The Dental College of Georgia, click here.

We are also committed to our students being good citizens for the state of Georgia and beyond. Our students complete over 7,000 hours of community service each year. Last year, nearly 18,000 procedures were performed by dental students across Georgia in 23 clinics, located primarily in areas identified as dental health profession shortage areas. Our goal is to provide oral health services and introduce dental students to areas of the state where dentists are needed.


While our focus is on educating future dental professionals, our faculty, residents and students are also conducting multidisciplinary research in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of orofacial diseases. Dental students and residents are encouraged to become involved with research activities as early as their first year. To learn more about becoming faculty or staff at The Dental College of Georgia, click here.