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Clinical Trial

The Role of Androgen Deprivation Therapy In CArdiovascular Disease A Longitudinal Prostate Cancer Study (RADICAL PC1)

Risk of myocardial infarction (MI), stroke, or cardiovascular (CV) death in prostate cancer (PC) patients >2% per year. The risk of MI, stroke, or CV death in PC patients on ADT >4% per year. CVD risk is considered high if the global risk estimate for hard CVD events of ?2% per year. Goal of this multinational registry is to: To determine: a)the prevalence of CVD risk factors and disease, and b)the incidence of adverse CVD events To evaluate the relationship of ADT with adverse CVD events To identify factors (clinical factors and PC treatments) that are independently associated with the development of CVD in men with PC

Eligibility Criteria

  • Men diagnosed with prostate cancer within the previous year, or Men with prostate cancer who have commenced androgen deprivation therapy for the first time within six months of their enrollment visit, or Men with with prostate cancer who will commence androgen deprivation therapy for the first time within the month following their enrollment visit.

Contact Information

    Avirup Guha

    (706) 721-2505