ID # Study Name Principal Investigator
881328 24-Hour Stress Study Harshfield, Gregory
611881 Avapro II Salt Study Harshfield, Gregory
673021 CF-AOX Harris, Ryan
611910 Effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplementation on Cognitive and Vascular Function in Older Adults Robinson, Vincent
991869 Exogenous ketones on cognitive performance Holland, Angelia
907405 Ketogenic diet on PTSD Holland, Angelia
725451 Memory loss in subjects with and without hypertension Harshfield, Gregory
698282 Meniere's Disease Pilot Study Harshfield, Gregory
611878 MMF Salt Study Harshfield, Gregory
611895 Nitric Oxide Bioavailability and Early Life Stress Harris, Ryan
611851 Prazosin Salt Study Harshfield, Gregory
611204 RNAPS Harris, Ryan