Inpatient Liaison

Serve on our units to provide staff support as well as engagement and rounding of patients.


Gift Shop

Volunteers assist with organization, shipments, sales and customer satisfaction in the gift shop.



Assist with pet therapy dogs to bring love and lower anxiety in patients and families.


Healing Arts

These volunteers share their passion for art and music through displays and performances.


Patient & Family Advisors

Former or current patients who advocate on advisory boards for patients and families.


Spiritual Care

Compassionate individuals assisting patients, families, and staff members who seek spiritual guidance.


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Inpatient Liaison

Inpatient Liaisons work throughout our multiple units to provide support to our patients, families, and staff.

Volunteers round to ensure patients are having a good experience and see if anything is needed. Volunteers share resources for patients and families and sometimes just offer a friendly listening ear. In addition, volunteers also provide support to our staff members. Volunteers assist staff members with running labs, creating discharge packets, answering calls, and organizing materials.

Volunteer With Equipment
Volunteers on Computer

Gift Shop

Beyond helping customers locate and purchase the merchandise they need, gift shop volunteers provide a smiling face or listening ear to patrons. As a gift shop volunteer, you have the power to brighten a day!

Furry Friends Pet Therapy Volunteers

The AUHS Furry Friends program is a pet therapy program that utilizes trained volunteer pet therapy handlers and their certified adult dogs to make escorted visits to patients, families and staff who would enjoy the company of a furry friend in the Medical Center or Georgia Cancer Center.

Pet therapy has been shown to provide a variety of benefits for children and adults:

  • It provides a comforting source of healing touch for patients in the hospital.
  • It provides positive therapeutic experiences that help minimize the stress of the hospital environment.
  • It supports the overall social, physical and emotional development of the patient.
  • It reduces anxiety and promotes enhanced coping skills by providing a distraction from illness and hospitalization.
  • It assists in the normalization of the hospital experience by making it more "home-like".

If you have a dog who is certified through a national pet therapy organization, please email our office at 

Healing Arts

Our Healing Artists do exactly that - help heal through their beautiful visual and musical art.

There are several different type of opportunities available with Healing Arts. From the Healing Arts Gallery Wall to Music at Midday, the Healing Arts program aims to support local artists and musicians to bring smiles to our patients, families, staff, and more.

Artists who are interested in showcasing their talents for the AU Medical Center can exhibit their artwork on the Healing Arts Gallery Wall on the second floor. Volunteer artists hang their work on a monthly rotating basis and gives those in the AU Medical Center a chance to see renowned work from the CSRA Community. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Healing Arts Program and showcasing their work, please email our office at 

We are excited to announce relaunch of our Art Play Studio program. Art Play Studio is an educational art program that is dedicated to children and adults who are facing hospital stays and medical procedures at the Augusta University Medical Centers, clinics, and centers. Visual art classes are led by creative volunteers and encourages children, adults, and caregivers to join weekly art sessions at the bedside, in waiting areas, play rooms, or hospital art rooms. If you are someone who loves spending time with children and hosting fun art sessions, this is the program for you! 

Our love for the arts is also encompassed in our Music at Midday Program. Due to renovations, the Music at Midday program is currently on hold until further notice. We encourage those with musical talents to follow up at a later date.  Volunteers will play a wide variety of instruments (including vocals) in the Children’s Hospital of Georgia Lobby and Cancer Center. 

Help us spread the power and healing benefits of art and music throughout the AU Health System! 

Nina Onuoha

Patient and Family Advisors

Patient and Family Advisors are special volunteers who know exactly what it is like to be in the hospital.

These former patients donate their time to help the hospitals mission of Patient and Family Centered Care. Patient and Family advisors help advocate for patients and families by serving on various committees and councils. If you have ideas and experiences that you feel can help us in any way, contact The Center for Patients and Families at or 706.721.7322.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Volunteers are compassionate individuals who pride themselves on helping out patients, families, and staff members who seek spiritual guidance.

Spiritual Care Volunteers provide services and resources to people of all faiths, religions, beliefs, creeds and even people who have no faith. The services offered include, but are not limited to spiritual and emotional care, grief support groups, bereavement card program (that provides cards to the families of every patient that dies in the hospital) and assist with advanced directive for healthcare.  Spiritual Care Volunteers also participate in services within multiple chapels throughout the hospital and the Georgia Cancer Clinic. For more information regarding this program, please contact Department of Spiritual Care at 706-721-2929.