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Does Augusta University Health offer volunteer opportunities for groups or organizations?

Yes. Groups and organizations wanting to volunteer for Adults should contact Volunteer Services at (706)-721-3596 or email us at volunteers@augusta.edu and organization interested in activities for the Children Hospital of Georgia are encouraged to explore volunteer opportunities by contacting the Child Life department at 706-721-7637.

Does Volunteer Services require health screening as part of its application process?

Yes. After an applicant has attended a volunteer orientation and interview, he/she will be contacted by the Employee Health department to schedule a screening appointment free of charge. During the health screening a blood sample is collected to determine if applicant has been exposed to tuberculosis (TB). After initial health screenings, an annual TB test will be required.

Does Volunteer Services provide opportunities for interns?

Yes. However, only those prospective interns seeking non-clinical and non-paid positions are processed through Volunteer Services. Otherwise, intern applicants should contact either the Human Resources Department or the Legal Department.

Does Volunteer Services provide the opportunity to “shadow” physicians?

No. Prospective volunteers seeking the opportunity to shadow a physician should refer to the campus side of the Augusta University Health.

Am I guaranteed a volunteer position in the department or setting requested on my application?

Though Volunteer Services has a high rate of placing applications in desired settings and work really hard to do so, fulfillment of requests for particular departments cannot be guaranteed. Volunteer Services works in conjunction with department managers and are only allowed to place potential volunteers in a particular department if there is a need and if the department manager agrees.

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